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The Carnival of the Animals (Program)

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dc.creator Shawn, Allen - Piano
dc.creator Wright, Elizabeth - Piano
dc.creator Schaaf, Joseph - Violin
dc.creator Swan, John - Violin
dc.creator Brandt, Kathryn - Violin
dc.creator Stevenson, Nora - Viola
dc.creator Severens, Michael - Cello
dc.creator Bongiorno, Joseph - Bass
dc.creator Buck, Lynn - Flute
dc.creator Friedlander, Claudia - Clarinet
dc.creator Rooen, Marjorie - Percussion
dc.creator Kompare, Jeanne - Flute
dc.creator Flower, Melinda - Flute
dc.creator Graham, Christine - Flute
dc.creator Davies, Jane - Flute
dc.creator Eyuboglu, Murat - Flute
dc.creator Tatz, Diana - Flute
dc.creator Hart, Kimberly - Flute
dc.creator Williams, Amy - Flute
dc.creator Hauck, Flannery - Soprano
dc.creator Person, Jennifer - Voice
dc.creator Mellinger, Anne - Voice
dc.creator Karlberg, Bryn - Voice
dc.creator Perera, Elizabeth - Voice
dc.creator Best, Melinda - Voice
dc.creator Silva, Irene - Voice
dc.creator Beal, Jane - Voice
dc.creator Fattoruso, Alexander - Tenor
dc.creator Kinzel, Jonathan - Voice
dc.creator Wolff, Rebecca - Voice
dc.creator Cotellessa, Nicholas - Voice
dc.creator Creel, Emory - Voice
dc.creator Downs, Michael - Baritone
dc.creator Wulkowicz, Jason - Voice 2014-02-03T19:36:03Z 2014-02-03T19:36:03Z 1986-12-03
dc.title The Carnival of the Animals (Program) en_US

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