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The Bennington College Digital Repository is an archive for the collection, preservation, and distribution of scholarly work and historical material from Bennington College. Please contact Crossett Library if you have questions about material in the repository or for information on how to submit your work to the collection.


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Recently Added

  • Unknown author (Bennington College, 1932-10-21)
  • Unknown author (Bennington College, 1988-09-16)
    This issue features: "What Happened to the Student Constitution?" "Junk Food for Thought," and "Little Debbie"
  • Unknown author (Bennington College, 1988-11-28)
    This issue features: "Prehistoric Monster Found in Jennings Pond," "College Coed Forced to Eat Own Foot While Being Held Hostage by Mutant Cow Herd!" "Elvis to Teach at Bennington College" and "Toad in Biology Department ...
  • Unknown author (Bennington College, 1988-09-23)
    This issue features: "Petition for the Reinstatement of the Student Constitution," "Who is Your President?" and "Milwaukee Died Last Night"
  • Unknown author (Bennington College, 1988-09-30)
    This issue features: "Bush and Dukakis: Keeping My Options Open, Thank You Very Much," "The Nightmare the Reality the Laundry Room," and "Sandboxes and Sex"

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