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  • Admissions
    Publication of Bennington College's Admissions Office
  • Advancement of Public Action
    Documents related to the Advancement of Public Action discipline and the Coleman Center for the Advancement of Public Action.
  • Alumni
    Documents related to Bennington College alumni including publications, lectures, and events
  • Art Collection
    Documents related to the Bennington College art collection
  • Bennington College Founding Documents
    Conference proceedings, correspondence, draft materials, reports, surveys, and publications related to the founding & opening of Bennington College.
  • Bennington July Program
    Intensive pre-college courses for students entering 11th or 12th grade
  • Bennington School of the Dance
    The first center for the study of modern dance in American, 1934-1942.
  • Black Music Division
    Documents related to the Bennington College Black Music Division, 1968-1995.
  • Black Studies
    Documents related to Black Studies
  • Board of Trustees
    This collection consists of documents created and used by the Board of Trustees of Bennington College during the course of activities relating to the administration of the college.