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A Senior Concert by Cathy de Moll and Lisa Dorsey (Program and Audio)

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dc.creator Scott, Stanley - Voice
dc.creator Dorsey, Lisa - Percussion
dc.creator Dorsey, Lisa - Harpsichord
dc.creator Dorsey, Lisa - Organ
dc.creator Dorsey, Lisa - Piano
dc.creator Kahn, Yasmin Aga - Percussion
dc.creator Levitan, Daniel - Percussion
dc.creator Schloss, Amy - Percussion
dc.creator Lipton, Frances - Flute
dc.creator Lipton, Frances - Percussion
dc.creator Alcock, Gael - Cello
dc.creator Perlmutter, Bernard - Clarinet
dc.creator Carrier, David - Trumpet
dc.creator Finckel, Michael - Saw
dc.creator Glick, Jacob - Viola
dc.creator Ogus, Judith
dc.creator de Moll, Cathy
dc.creator Copeland, Julia - Violin
dc.creator Magenau, Kunda - Violin
dc.creator Morse, Deborah - Violin
dc.creator Temple, Suzanne - Violin
dc.creator Tahir, Laura - Violin
dc.creator Prigot, Andrea - Violin
dc.creator Stark, Robin - Viola
dc.creator Sachs, Leonard - Viola
dc.creator Dorsey, Nina - Cello
dc.creator Bicknell, Ish - Oboe
dc.creator Bergstrom, Peter - Oboe
dc.creator Marshall, Megan - Bass 2014-02-11T19:23:26Z 2014-02-11T19:23:26Z 1973-05-02
dc.title A Senior Concert by Cathy de Moll and Lisa Dorsey (Program and Audio) en_US
dc.type Recording, musical

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