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A Music Division Concert (Program and Audio)

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dc.creator Cook, Laura - Voice
dc.creator Bicknell, Ish - Oboe
dc.creator Bertles, Lyn - Violin
dc.creator Paxson, Gretchen - Violin
dc.creator Glick, Jacob - Viola
dc.creator Finckel, George - Cello
dc.creator Brant, Henry - Harpsichord
dc.creator Ptaszynska, Marta - Percussion
dc.creator Marker, Catherine - Percussion
dc.creator Marker, Catherine - Piano
dc.creator Ptaszynska, Marta - Piano
dc.creator Snyder, Amy - Percussion
dc.creator Snyder, Amy - Piano
dc.creator Biow, Douglas - Violin
dc.creator Brant, Bertram
dc.creator Carrier, Eileen
dc.creator Dyer, Beverly
dc.creator Hanks, Jane - Violin
dc.creator Hill, Molly
dc.creator Reiss, Susan - Violin
dc.creator Rosen, Liz
dc.creator Schonbeck, Gunnar - Viola
dc.creator Schuerch, Peter
dc.creator Tierstein, Andy
dc.creator Vogelsang, Kirsten - Cello
dc.creator Wallace, Constance
dc.creator Zeitlin, Leora - Violin
dc.creator Biddleman, David - Cello
dc.creator Brown, Jennifer - Cello
dc.creator Brudie, Odin - Cello
dc.creator Lane, Mary - Cello
dc.creator Rowe, Daniel - Cello
dc.creator Shaw, Stephen - Cello
dc.creator Finckel, Michael - Cello
dc.creator Jacobson, David - Percussion
dc.creator Jaffe, David - Percussion
dc.creator Redfield, Lisa - Percussion
dc.creator Tischler, Abigail - Percussion
dc.creator Wyman, Arlene - Percussion 2014-02-07T15:33:40Z 2014-02-07T15:33:40Z 1976-12-15
dc.title A Music Division Concert (Program and Audio) en_US

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