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The Conducting and Orchestration Class in an Informal Concert (Program and Audio)

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dc.creator Greenwald, Wendy - Flute
dc.creator Eisenstadt, Jillian - Flute
dc.creator Labbe, Marie - Flute
dc.creator Tan, Su Lian - Flute
dc.creator Barsky, Murray - Clarinet
dc.creator Friedlander, Claudia - Clarinet
dc.creator Hines, Edward - Bassoon
dc.creator Widoff, Antony - French Horn
dc.creator Widoff, Antony - Piano
dc.creator Miller, Robert - Trumpet
dc.creator Donaldson, Beth - Cello
dc.creator Wiskoski, Ursula - Cello
dc.creator Waters, Susannah - Piano
dc.creator Economides, Aris - Bass
dc.creator Spatz, Alice - Bass
dc.creator Hill, Edie - Piano
dc.creator Lane, Judy - Piano
dc.creator Durrett, Erin - Voice
dc.creator Durrett, Erin - Percussion
dc.creator Foote, Sherman - Voice
dc.creator Foote, Sherman - Percussion
dc.creator Hill, Edie - Voice
dc.creator Hill, Edie - Percussion
dc.creator Lane, Judy - Voice
dc.creator Lane, Judy - Percussion
dc.creator Waters, Susannah - Soprano
dc.creator Waters, Susannah - Percussion
dc.creator Calabro, Louis - Percussion
dc.creator Cika, Leam - Percussion
dc.creator Eisenstadt, Jillian - Percussion
dc.creator Vitalis, William - Percussion
dc.creator Barsky, Murray - Percussion 2014-02-04T19:28:42Z 2014-02-04T19:28:42Z 1984-12-13
dc.title The Conducting and Orchestration Class in an Informal Concert (Program and Audio) en_US
dc.type Recording, musical

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