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  • Janis, Dina, director; Edwards, Chris, director; Jones, Alex, stage manager; Puckett, Tor, lighting designer; Filloux, Catherine; Cram, Cusi (2005-10-13)
  • Jackson, Kirk (2012-12-03)
  • Dimmick, Kathleen (2014-12-07)
  • Letts, Tracy; Jackson, Kirk, director; Rohn, Jenny, director; Catania, Jamie, assistant director; James, Lecil, stage manager; Eisen, Ali, set designer; Reid, Sierra, costume designer; Carrillo, Martin, lighting designer; Mendes-Pepani, Kholiswa, dramatug (2016-11-12)
    Cast: Kirk Jackson, Jenny Rohn, Emma Welch, Morgan Morse, Rebecca Mitzner, Jessie Berliner, Julia Crowley, Sarah Jack, Sam Levit, Jade Pope, Cat Adragna, Trevor Gibbons-Reich, and Will Larsen.
  • Calem, Tenara; Thorp, Krista, director; Levit, Sam, stage manager; Reid, Sierra, costume designer; Burhoe, Sam, set designer; Carrillo, Martin, lighting designer (2015-04-10)
    Cast: Audre Bennett, Maya Knell, Asa Learmonth, and Madeleine Phillips.
  • Dupont, Alan; Catania, Jamie, stage manager; Burhoe, Sam, set designer; Lazetic, Nikolina, costume designer; Carrillo, Martin, lighting designer (2015-04-10)
    Cast: Matt Kirby, Maia Villa, Rory Cullen, Oona Kilcommons, Alec MacNeil and Ben Margetic
  • Payne, Nick; Randich, Jean, instructor; DePhillip, Chris, lighting designer; Thorp, Krista, stage manager; Cobo, Dado, set designer; Epstein, Max, set designer (2015-06-02)
    Directed and performed by Audre Bennett, Dado Cobo, Max Epstein, Lily Houghton, Oona Kilcommons, Molly Kirschner, Maya Knell, Maddy Kostman, Asa Learmonth, Kieran Najita, Jeremy Schrager, Jade Sorensen, and Erin Wells.
  • Swan, Matthew; Ross, Melissa Feldman; Kempson, Sibyl (2007-10-26)
    Rx by Matthew Swan '95; Crazy Little Thing, Getting Caught, Firefly, Keeping Track, Thinner Than Water, Wanting To Kill It by Melissa Feldman Ross '94; Bad Girls-Good Writers by Sibyl Kempson '95
  • Ruhl, Sarah; Connell, Ashley, director; Dalzell, Corina, choreographer; Maloney, Brownwyn, lighting and set designer; Thorp, Krista, costume designer (2012-10-13)
    Cast: Meg Rumsey-Lasersohn, Rory Cullen, Amanda Campbell, Andrew Plimpton, Emily Gaynor, Lily Brown. Dancers: lsadora Rosenbloom, Erika Lygren, Lily Brown Amanda Campbell, Rory Cullen, Emily Gaynor.
  • Fornés, María Irene; Harnett-Marshall, Patrick, director; Eisen, Alixandra, set designer; Robertson, Taelen, costume designer; Vujanic, Lazar, lighting designer; Bartolo, Tobin, sound designer; Goone, Sarah, puppet designer (2016-04-08)
    Cast: Caroline Albrectsen, Ron Anahaw, Rehana Hirji, Madeleine Kostman and Verreth Wilson.
  • Churchill, Caryl; Beggs, Abby, director; Marlin, Eric, director; Connell, Ashley, set designer; Thorp, Krista, costume designer; Williams, Brady, lighting designer; Starling, Ranleigh, lighting designer (2013-04-05)
    Cast: Kim Kirchner, Maia Villa, Laura Miller, Catherine Weingarten, Isabelle Miller, Caitlin Brzezinski, Erica Baffa, Rory Cullen, Patrick Harnett-Marshall. Musicians: Molly Griffin-McKenna, Zach Weishaus.
  • Guettel, Adam, composer and lyricist; Randich, Jean, musical director; Williamson, Bruce, music director; Bogdan, Tom, choral director; Chalfant, Andromache, set designer; Schoonmaker, Chip, costume designer; Giannitti, Michael, lighting designer (2013-05-03)
  • Unknown author (2022-09-17)
    Poster for a party at Leigh House.
  • Resch, Tyler; Alia, Valeria (1982-06)
    President-elect Michael Hooker will take office July 1 / Calendar / Gifts to College can benefit donor as well as recipient / The financial aid picture at Bennington / From fiber to fiber: campus trees planted / Alumni ...
  • Resch, Tyler; Alia, Valeria (1982-04)
    Science equipment donated to College / Calendar / Post-Baccalaureate program reports successes / A column is launched on the 'planned giving' theme / Text of Memorial Service for Don Brown / Reunion activities planned for ...
  • Unknown author (1982-02)
    Presidential Search progress: candidates are sifted down to 15 / Calendar / Book review - Modern Dance in America: The Bennington Years / Issues of heat and energy at Bennington / The gasifier: A possible alternative ...
  • Unknown author (1982-12)
    Campus physical improvements listed / Calendar / Anti-nuclear group forms on the campus / President Hooker outlines plan for a Bennington self-appraisal / An interview with Barbara U. Deane '51 / Alumni profile: Ellen ...
  • Unknown author (1982-10)
    Fifth annual Ben Belitt lecture Irving Howe / Calendar / Bridging Capital campaign / Donald Brown Fund established / An interview with President Michael Hooker / Eleven join faculty - fall enrollment a record 640 / The ...
  • Unknown author (1981-10)
    Note: Both October 1981 and December 1981 issues of Quadrille were designated as Volume 15 Number 2.
  • Resch, Tyler; Alia, Valerie; Graham, Christine (1981-12)
    Note: Both October 1981 and December 1981 issues of Quadrille were designated as Volume 15 Number 2.

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