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  • Guettel, Adam, composer and lyricist; Randich, Jean, musical director; Williamson, Bruce, music director; Bogdan, Tom, choral director; Chalfant, Andromache, set designer; Schoonmaker, Chip, costume designer; Giannitti, Michael, lighting designer (2013-05-03)
  • Lively-Marshall, Jami, writer and director; Wilson, Trevor, composer and musical director (2007)
    Cast: Owen Henry, Allison Zajac-Batell, Erin Desmond, Brian Schultis, Asher Woodward, Amelia Meath, Alex Bleeker, Daniel Wilcox, Dylan Sanders-Self, Emma Morehouse, Sage Savage, Eric Conroe, Alex Jones, Ian Kowaleski, ...
  • Della Rocca, Briee, photographer; Bogdan, Tom (2015-11-11)
  • Brooke, Nicholas, composer and codirector; Rohn, Jennifer, codirector; Rees, Sue, set designer; Giannitti, Michael, lighting designer; Tredway, Kaitee, costume designer (2010-05-11)
    Performers: Danny Brylow, Jo-Anne Hyun, Maia Friedman, Eliza McKelway, Allie Polubiec, Tim Taft, and Ethan Woods. Program:
  • Orfeo 
    Locklin, Cynthia, photographers; Rees, Sue, photographer (2003-11-16)
    Cast: Genevieve Belleveu, Madeline Best, Danielle Gagne, Ava Heller, Catherine Herrick, Ayla Kapiloff, Dylan Kenny, Alex Lindo, Emma Manion, Susanna Martin, Brigid Meehan, Sultana Noon, Megan Schubert - La Musica, Sam ...
  • Unknown author (2008-04-23)
  • Unknown author (2008-04-07)
  • Lewandowski, Sheila; Whitman, Rachel; Carter, Mickey, lighting designer; Palardy, Doug, costume designer (1996-05-31)
  • Brown, Alex; Schonbeck, Gunnar (1967-09-15)
    Photographs of Gunnar Schonbeck 's premiere performance of Collage No. 37, entitled "Ode to Confucius." For additional information see: Quadrille vol 11 no 1 Photographs include images ...
  • Brown, Alex, photographer; Schonbeck, Gunnar; Lee, Ralph; Logan, Leroy (1976-05-20)
    Photographs of a multi-media collaboration, dedicated to Francis Fergusson "In appreciation for helping us to understand the humanity of the art of imitation action." Gunnar Schonbeck's composition, Black and Red Inquisition, ...
  • Kaufman, George S.; Ryskind, Morrie; Gershwin, George; Laskaris, Ion, director; Tarnay, Timothy, technical director; Bick, Stephen, chorus director; Baker, Frank, vocal coach; Wittman, Josef, vocal coach; Clemmons, Diana, costumes; Wolcott, Reed, lighting (1964-11-03)
  • Unknown author (1964-12-15)
  • Sherman, William, director; Vlastas, Michael, assistant director; Calabro, Louis, composer; Stevens, Allan, scene designer and art director; Ruby, Alice, light designer; Grilli, Diana, costume designer (1964-12-15)
  • Milton, John; Lawes, Henry, composer; Wilcox, Thomas, director; Schonbeck, Gunnar, music director; Goldstone, Ruth, choreography; Glover, Carole, costumes; Poling, Nancy, costumes; Stein, Evelyn, stage manager (1956)
    Date is approximate based on entering and graduation dates of students.
  • Washiyama, Kaori (2019-05-23)
  • Molière; Sweetser, Emily, translator; Fergusson, Francis, director; Luening, Otto, musical director; Hill, Martha, ballet composer and director; Park, Edwin Avery, set design; Luening, Ethel, singing coach; Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1941-08-03)
  • Brown, Alex (1978-05-24)
    Concert photographs by Alex Brown. "A Statement in Black Music" George Barrow, Hadley Fellow in Black Music with guest musicians Warren Smith, percussionist and Charles Israels, bass player. Commons Theatre. Part of the ...
  • Unknown author (2012-05-24)
    Advanced Recording students play their songs. Rebecca Blumenthal, Jo-Anne Hyun, Christian Mailloux, Connor Morrison, Greg Obis, Will Okun, and Micky Roberts
  • Unknown author (2012-05-23)
    Sonja Einem, Jonas Finkel, Molly Griffin-McKenna, Holly Mutascio, Julia Rocha, Barry Saunders, Jeremy Stewart, and Ben Zucker
  • Ashley, Christian; Brown, Tallulah; Dartley, Eve; Englehart, Grace; King, Grace; Laird, Ethan; Lewis, Alcott; Pollard, Eli; Walawender, Dylan; Shawn, Allen (2021-12-08)
    Presented by students of Allen Shawn's Fall 2021 course, "History of Music at Bennington College 1932-Present."

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