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    Career Development and Field Work Term Office Transition (2021)
    (2021-09-03) Murphy, Michael Dean of the College
    I am writing to announce that Faith McClellan is stepping down as Associate Dean of Career Development and Field Work Term to take a position at Smith College as Dean of Career Services.
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    Thoughts about NRT
    (Bennington College, 1950)
    "The original length of NRT was three months A few years after the close of World War II it was reduced to ten weeks. For the past three years due to the Christmas holidays occurring in the middle of the week, the time of NRT has been nine weeks As might be expected, each decrease in time has had an adverse effect on the supply of jobs," especially the more desirable ones Of course, several other factors have affected this picture
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    NRT Scholarships
    "There's been a lot of talk about the "purposes of the NRT program". I suppose its main purpose is learning, and we try to find jobs where we can learn the most (some students prefer or need to drop the "I" there but forget that -idealistically it is knowledge that Bennington students seek, both in and out of college). We should be able to take jobs we think are to our advantage, and to help us do it, we have a scholarship fund. It is only fair that the money which is distributed be used honestly by each recipient, or else we might just as well forget the whole thing."
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    Down with Miss NERT
    "The recent issue of Galley has in common with many recent student offerings in that organ a lack of practical suggestion which is characteristic of "constructive criticism." It is evident that certain members of the community are dissatisfied with the Non-Resident Term in its present form. To this observer the major sources of dissatisfaction are the recently shortened length of the term and the difficulty of obtaining jobs which are suitable."
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    A satirical galley about Non Resident Term