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    Important community update
    (2023-11-10) Vice President for Finance and Administration
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    Fall 2022 Poetry at Bennington Series Features Whiting Award Winner, Guggenheim Fellows (press release)
    (2022-10-19) Media Relations
    Bennington, VT: Poetry at Bennington, an endowed program of short-term residencies that brings established and emerging poets to Bennington College for public readings and close work with students, has announced its Fall 2022 lineup of featured poets: Sally Wen Mao; Randall Mann; Cate Marvin; Johannes Göransson; Genya Turovskaya; and Reginald Dwayne Betts.
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    Convocation Invitation
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    Prominent Research Professor of Oceanography to Speak at Bennington College (press release)
    (Bennington College, 2022-04-28) Office of Media Relations; Kara, Lavender Law (Speaker)
    Dr. Lavender Law will be introduced by Beyond Plastics' Policy Director, Dr. Megan Wolff, and will lead a discussion on the plastics problem from an environmental perspective, examining its impact on wildlife and human health, and asking what can be done to reduce and manage the plastics under production, and those we have with us today.
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    Snack Bar Menu, 2010
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    Bennington College Calendar May 6 - May 12, 1969 (press release)
    Faculty music concert; Black Studies Lecture - Mike Thelwell, "Current Aspects or Black Literature"; Science Lecture, Erika Johnstone, "Computers and the Stock Market", Erika Johnstone, a freshman will relate her NRT experiences with a large computer at a stock market advisory firm; Dr. Faustus presented by Firehouse Theatre. The Firehouse Theatre started in 1965 in Minneapolis as an amateur theatre group, devoted to experimentation with new plays and new staging techniques. Since then, the Firehouse has been presenting plays by new American playwrights such as Meagen Terry and Irene Fornes;
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    Bennington College Calendar May 14 - 22, 1969 (press release)
    Science lecture; The Ensemble Theatre and the Music Department will present "Susannah's Secret" an opera in one act by Ermanno Wold-Ferrari; Robert Sward poetry reading; Spring Dance Concert; Movie - four Chaplin films; Susan Mauss art opening; Deirdre Dole, senior concert; Michael Benedikt, poetry reading.
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    Bennington College Calendar March 19 - 26, 1969 (press release)
    Science Lecture. "Five Little Toads and How They Grew--One Way to Spend a Sabbatical." John F. Wohnus; Concert by The New Collegiate Jazz Band, a sixteen piece band from Trinity College; Bach birthday party; Professor Andrzej Wirth will talk on "Brecht vs. Brecht: His Reception in West and East."; Lute concert.
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    Bennington College Calendar March 27 - April 3, 1969 (press release)
    Peter Kan Dufault will read sections of his verse; Professor Theodore R. Sarbin, ''Towards a Naturalistic Theory of Hypnosis.''; Movie - The Chelsea Girls; Larry Bogart, Director of the Anti-Pollution League, will talk on nuclear power plant and local communities; Max Kampelman, former aide to Hubert Humphrey, will talk on "The Washington Scene." Kris Brightenback senior music recital.
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    Bennington College Calendar April 10 - 18, 1969 (press release)
    Experimental Workshop Production - You Can't Make Your Bed and Eat it, Too by Judy Gershman; Walter Darby Bannard exhibition; Community Orchestra Concert; Movie - Eclipse; Black Studies lecture - Florynce on "The Business of Being a Black Artist."; Drama Production, "The Madman and the Nun."
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    Bennington College Calendar April 15 - 28, 1969 (press release)
    The Bennington Drama Ensemble presents The Madman and the Nun by Stanisław Witkiewicz; Movie - La Guerre est Finie; Wendy Erdman '65 voice concert; Christine van Acker and Michel Podolski concert.
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    Bennington College Calendar March 12 - 19, 1969 (press release)
    Bennington student delegates to the 1969 Student Composers Symposium, to be held at McGill University, will give a concert; Social Science Workshop Martin Sklar "The 20th Century American Revolution"; Movie The Treasure of Sierra Madre; William C. Lipke, art lecture "The History of Cubism."
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    Bennington College Calendar May 20 - 26, 1969 (press release)
    Deirdre Dole senior concert; Michael Benedikt poetry reading; Carnival; Social Science Workshop. Rose Ann Erck and Nancy Hobbs "Revolutionary Syndicalism in France"; Charles Cajori, art lecture; Drama Production - Arthur Sainer's "Boat Sun Cavern", Social Science Workshop, William Stine - A Symposium on Dewey's Logic.
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    Bennington College postcards with archival images
    A set of vintage style postcards related to Bennington. Subjects depicted: Bennington College President Lewis Webster Jones and Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion House -- The Barn c. 1940 -- Commons Lawn softball game c 1940 -- Sculptor and Bennington faculty member David Smith -- U.S. Poet Laureate and Bennington faculty member Howard Nemerov -- Bennington School of the Dance faculty member José Limón -- The father of Modern Management and Bennington faculty member Peter Drucker -- The War Farm c1940 -- Author, translator, and Bennington faculty member Wallace Fowlie --Painter and Bennington faculty member Paul Feeley.
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    Campus Renovations handout sheet
    "Beginning in June 2017, the College began the largest renovation project in its history—with a two-year comprehensive restoration of the iconic Commons building, which exemplifies, through its design, programming, legacy, and name, the core ambitions and mission of a Bennington education. Upon its completion in Summer 2019, Commons will house ADA-accessible classrooms and other learning spaces, expanded and modernized dining facilities, a new north entrance, a new bakery and cafe, bookstore, post office, and additional social spaces. To ensure and enhance the quality of the lived experience for Bennington students during this period, the College has undertaken a series of additional renovations — creating several new facilities through the revitalization and adaptation of existing buildings."
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    Bennington & Downtown Guide (brochure)
    A guide to the Bennington College campus and Bennington downtown area.