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    David Bell
    (Bennington College, 1982-11-23) Hooker, Michael
    This is just a short note to tell you what a good sculptor Anna and I think David is.
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    Art Policy Progress Report
    (Bennington College, 1986-04-15)
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    Proposed Bennington College Art Policy
    (Bennington College, 1986-06-12)
    The purpose of the art collection at Bennington College is to support the educational program by providing material to be used by students as a learning tool. The collection is as integral to the art program as laboratories are to the sciences.
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    Sympathy Letter to Allegra Snyder
    (Bennington College, 1983-07-05)
    I have always been inspired by your father, and my life has been richer for his having been on the planet.