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    Bennington College Dance Division Presents: Blondell Cummings (program)
    (1982-10-29) Blondell, Cummings
    Works performed: A Friend 2 (1980) Scene 3 So What's New; Chicken Soup (1981); Meat and Potatoes (1983); Tossed Salad (1983); and Chocolate (1983).
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    The Bennington College Drama Division Presents: Slow Drag Mama (program)
    (1984-05-16) Monk, Isabell; Clubb, Dare; Porter, Veneita, performer; Young, Janis, director; Sharwell, Paul, lighting designer; Lipscomb, William C., stage manager; Groupe, David V., technical director
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    Zora Neale Hurston Press Release
    (Bennington College, 1935-06-05)
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    Summary of the Meeting of the Board of Trustees
    (1969-06-05) Emmet, Jessie
    "The Board of Trustees decided in April that it might be worthwhile to distribute a resume of its meetings. They agreed that the formal minutes, being basically documents of record, are too bare to fulfill the desired purpose, and I was asked to write a more informal communication."
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    Bill Dixon Interview
    Topics: Part One History of Black Music in United States, George Gershwin, the popularity of jazz in Europe, the role of historians and critics in art, writing and conducting a score for a United States Information Agency film in 1967 (The Wealth of a Nation, produced and directed by William Greaves) the Black esthetic, improvisation. “…in the West, we have come up with the idea that like, composition as we define it, is the highest order and improvisation has to come less than that. Now we know that Bach, Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart were all incredible improvisers, we know that from history, you know, because the music, before people became so caught up with notation, that was the way people did music. The way improvisation has functioned in Black Music, it has not been an adjunct, it’s been the music.” Topics: Part Two His work at the United Nations, musical influences, writing music, the role of Black Music in academia, the nature of art, and his teaching philosophies. “I have sort of fantasized and said that like for every society that has an overt musical display there must people in the society like I am in this one, that functions in another way, without the endorsement of the society.” Part Two Topics: His work at the United Nations, musical influences, writing music, the role of Black Music in academia, the nature of art, his teaching philosophies. Topics: Part Two: “I have sort of fantasized and said that like for every society that has an overt musical display there must people in the society like I am in this one, that functions in another way, without the endorsement of the society.”
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    Bill Dixon Interview
    (1973-05-15) Dixon, Bill
    Bill Dixon interview - May 1973. Topics include: 0:52 his childhood growing up in Nantucket, MA and 6:48 Harlem, NYC, 13:44 his school P.S. 89, 22:00 seeing Louis Armstrong play, 24:48 getting his first instrument at age 16, 25:00 attending art school, 32:00 hearing bands at the Apollo, studying music at age 20, 42:53 racism, 43:08 his time in the US Army, 44:00 studying at the Art Students League, 44:16 the GI Bill, 54:00 working on a retrospective of his work,1:01:20 relationships with other musicians, the elusive quality of happiness, playing at Cafe Bohemia and Birdland, and planning the Black Music Festival at Bennington College.
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    Quadrille, Vol 13, No 4
    (Bennington College, 1980-02) Resch, Tyler; Lydenberg, Mary Jane
    Articles: Expanded workshop program ready for 1980 / Washington Post article headlines College's 'freedom' / Science program is launched / Annual Fund, at halfway point, on way to setting new records / December graduates / Mushroom conference / 50th campaign moves on to West Coast / 'That's what Bennington is all about ... ' / Faculty Division: Black Music / Chamber forum / College sponsors art auction at Sotheby's March 7 to 11 / Class Notes / Deaths/ Letters / 50th Anniversary Report / A message from Virginia Todahl Davis '40, national chairman of campaign's Year II / Reunion Memo / Named Funds
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    Quadrille, Vol 7, No 3/4
    (Bennington College, 1973) Fortney, Alan Jon; Johnson, Stephanie Louise; Cumpston, Catherine
    Articles: Gail Thain Parker Inaugurated at 1973 Commencement / Emminent Anthropologists Honor Ruth L. Bunzel / Ronald L. Cohen Named New Dean of Studies / Thomas Jeremiah Carroll Drowns at The Tubs / Poetry and Prose Read at Bennington / Green Mountain Poets at Skidmore College / A Blending of Graphics and Poetry / Bennington College Goes Beyond its Gates / Is the American City In a State of Siege? ("Participating were 15 noted architects, city planners, and government officials who are currently involved with various aspects of urban life and city planning") / The Arts Building: Groundbreaking and Beyond / Art Film Series Shown at College and in town / "Journey to a Clear Place" - and other Dances / New York Shows for Four Bennington Artists (Thelma Appel Witkin, Isaac Witkin, Dick Haas, Brower Hatcher) / Prison Photography: Behind the Walls at Comstock (Neil Rappaport) / Feminist Film Festival Tops Film Schedule (A five-day Women 's Film Festival , organized by Camille Paglia, Gail Parker and Sarah Rodman) / Four Plays Presented by Drama Division (Nova Funk, The Hostage, Recipe, and on original play by Larry Atlas) / Nova Funk: Off to Greener Planets / The Hostage: Talent and Feeling for the Play / Funds Raised for Saigon's ToAm (Warm Nest) Nursery / (photo: This May the Pinewoods Morris Men and Women toured Bennington's campus) / Bill Dixon Directs "Sequences and Events in Music" / Vivian Fine's 'Inventive and Elegant Works" / Concerts at and Around Bennington College / Unfair to Chief Boohoo / Calabro Founds Sage City Symphony, Conducts at Armory / Student Council Founds Annual Student Scholarship / Parkers: Presidential Duties Plus / College Expresses Thanks As N.Y. Office Moves / Leonard Rowe Book Fund Established / Alumni Council Holds Annual Meeting on Campus / Governance Plan Voted Down (Almost) / New Publications Schedule / Summer Activities at Bennington /
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    Quadrille, Vol 9, No 2
    (Bennington College, 1975) Fortney, Alan John; Cumpston, Cappy
    Articles: Bennington Senior Elected To Vermont House / Letter Grades Abolished Comments Only / The Hankses Find Thailand More Crowded / Woman Lawyer is Woodrow Wilson Fellow (Gene Dahmen) / Lectures in Genetics, Ecology (Dr. Susumu Ohno) / Dennis Aebersold Wins NSF Grant / Tom Brockway: Toymaker / Ben Belitt Introduces Hyman Lectures / A Troika of Novels by Lit Teachers / Jay Wright, Grace Paley Among Lit Speakers / Four Concerts, plus For Black Music / The Dance Company, And Others, Make Dances / Mr. Capra Goes to Bennington / Berlin, Brecht and Threepenny Opera / Commissioned Works Mark Sage City Symphony's Third Season / What Are the College's Options? by Gail Parker and Tom Parker / Challenge Grant Inspires New Giving / A New Look in Telethons / The Arts Center Is Almost Ours / Alumni Attend Campus Meetings / Alumni Show Art in New York / First Alumni Trip: Success Second Planned for Spring / Theater Benefit a Financial Success / Art Salon Postponed / Women's Group Solidifies Organization / Wanted: Patrons for SILO / Children's Paintings Lithographs & Cartoons / Nearly a Decade of Ceramics and Sculpture / From Breve to Semiquaver (and Beyond) / Finckel, and the Element of the Curve / A Child's Christmas in North Bennington / Five Women Artists at McCullough /
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    Meeting Minutes Black Library Committee 
    (1974-04-24) Agard, Robert
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    Memorandum to the Black Library Committee
    (1973-11-14) Agard, Robert
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    Memorandum regarding Books for Black Music
    (1973-10-17) Agard, Robert
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    Suggestions for the Black Library
    (1973-11-19) Agard, Robert
    List of possible acquisitions
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    List of Students on the Black Library Committee
    (1971-11) Wilson, Judith
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    Black Library NRT Developments
    (1973-03-06) Agard, Robert
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    Letter to Librarian Robert Agard
    (1972-11-15) Huckstep, Joan; Richardson, Susan; Wilson, Judith
    "We members of the library committee for the black literature collection feel that we must reassess last year's decision not to collect duplicate books. Below we have listed a number of considerations which we have examined carefully before coming to our conclusion."
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    Progress Report on Black Library
    (1972-05) Agard, Robert
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    Memorandum regarding Black Library Selection Committee
    (1971-11-30) Cornwell, Robert
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    Open Meeting of the Library Advisory Committee on the Black Library
    (1971-11-22) Cornwell, Robert; Agard, Robert
    "Mr. Agard explained that the purpose of the meeting was to outline procedures for the development of a Black Library, for which purpose the college had received a gift of $3000. The terms of the gift are comprehensive, and it is our responsibility to develop guides for the kind of Black Library we want, and to work out the procedures to accomplish this. It also seemed important that the policies and procedures, when developed, be well known on campus. Because of the comprehensive nature of the gift, it is essential that policy be developed for the direction the collection is to take."