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  • Lee, Cynthia (Bennington College, 1948-11-11)
    Community News/ Burkhardt Speaks at EducationalConference / Election Night / Students for Thomas / NSA Report / Undersubscribed Charity Drive / Successful Fire Drill / Non-Resident Term / Editorial / Attendance in General ...
  • Pattison, Olivia (Bennington College, 1949-10-06)
    Community News: German Scholarship Student Here / First Student in Graduate Dept. / Importance of Non-Resident Term / Inside Campus Committees / Free Steak Dinners / Features: / The Poetess / Freshman Gauntlet / Editorial ...
  • Pattison, Olivia (Bennington College, 1949-11-24)
    Community News: / NSA Student Discount Plan / New Art Gallery / Student Teachers in Four Fields / Community Chest Drive Unsuccessful / Store Rebates Only 2% / Episcopal Discussion Group / Lewis Writes Book on Melville / ...
  • Pattison, Olivia (Bennington College, 1949-11-03)
    Carnegie Institute Grant for American Values Program // New Faculty Approve Bennington Educational Methods and Aims // Campus News // Meeting of the Board of Trustees // Negro Educational Role in America // Public Relations ...
  • St. Sure, Ellen (Bennington College, 1949-06-29)
    Senator Humphrey to Deliver Address at Commencement // Community-Sponsored Foreign Student to Arrive this Fall // Recent News on Last Years Seniors // The Alumnae Quarterly: A View of Bennington's Past and Present // On ...
  • St. Sure, Ellen (Bennington College, 1949-06-16)
    Community Chest Goal $800, for Navajos and Town // Shirley Jackson Teaching Here Temporarily // Students Work on Revision of Nominating Procedure // New Organization for Those Interested in Dance // Faculty Follies // ...
  • St. Sure, Ellen (Bennington College, 1949-04-05)
    Admissions Office Plans Travel Program // College Optimistic About Critical Financial Issues // Opening Meeting of Social Science Workshop Preview of Coming Attractions // Committee Plans // Bennington Dance Group on the ...
  • Lee, Cynthia (Bennington College, 1948-11-18)
    Bennington Night Successful // Non-Resident Job Opportunities // Athletics to be Started by College // Travel Service Started // Criticism of Macbeth // Hints on Diet
  • Lee, Cynthia (Bennington College, 1948-11-24)
    Dance Workshop Presents Variety of Material and Treatment // Chorus to Give Carnegie Concert Dec. 5th // Dog Days at Bennington Are Over
  • Lee, Cynthia (Bennington College, 1948-12-16)
    Faculty Winter Plans // Student Winter Plans // Impressions of an International Conference // Cooperative Store Reports Fall Term Activities // Student Exhibition in Dining Room // Maids Comment on College // Want to Go ...
  • St. Sure, Ellen (Bennington College, 1949-05-19)
    In this issue "Sondra Parkoff Wins Guest Editorshop" at Mademoiselle. One of Twenty guest editorships offered by the magazine.
  • St. Sure, Ellen (Bennington College, 1949-05-03)
    Bennington Students Attend Middlebury Conference // Housing Situation No Real Problem // Students Elected, Appointed To Office // A Foreign Student for Bennington?
  • Lee, Cynthia (Bennington College, 1948-12-09)
    Bukhardt Attends New England Conference // Bennington Was Never Like This // "A Girl's Guide to the College Weekend"
  • St. Sure, Ellen (Bennington College, 1949-05-26)
    This issue contains an editorial debating the question about becoming co-ed.
  • Lee, Cynthia (Bennington College, 1948-10-15)
    A Bennington-Eye View of Europe // Bennington Paintings in NSA Exhibit in Chicago // Faculty Concert // Alumnae Album
  • Lee, Cynthia (Bennington College, 1948-10-28)
    Antioch Work Period Differs from Bennington // Introducing New Faculty // Jamboree to be Held in Carriage Barn Election Night
  • St. Sure, Ellen (Bennington College, 1949-04-21)
    Freshman Wins First Sculpture Prize // Dance Group Performs in NY // Preview of Faculty Concert // The Experiment in International Living
  • Sherwin, Mary Elizabeth (Bennington College, 1947-10-08)
    This issue contains the Inaugural Address of Dr. Frederick Burkhardt, as well as various other articles describing related events.
  • Lee, Cynthia (Bennington College, 1948-09-30)
    College Chooses Dewey as Next President // Campus Progressive Party Meets // The Vermont Forums
  • Lee, Cynthia (Bennington College, 1948-07-07)
    NSA Representative Reports // Final Community Meeting // Last Concert of Term

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