Bennington College

Edith McCullough Shares Recollections about the Founding of Bennington College

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dc.description.abstract :18 Raising moneyfor the Bennington Scholarship Fund with concerts by Artur Schnabel (1932 & 1933); 8:45-9:04 Blank Space in recording; 9:56 Letter received from angry feminists regarding the hiring of a male president for Bennington College; 11:12-11:21 Blank Space in recording; 11:21 Entrance requirements: "no exam or marks were to be used"; 11:59 "A student could apply if they were poor in some subjects but gifted in others"; 12:34 "Try to choose the student body like an orchestra - having in mind enough different interests and localities to make an aspiring and harmonious student body"; 13:08 "..teaching body not need be PhD's or research professors but chosen....inspiring and able teachers, young and dynamic and with a democracy of age rather than the old stodgy teacher with the student teacher attitude with an idea of pedagogy.."; 13:30 How students will choose classes; 14:20 Group tutorial; 14:43 Difference between old regime and new regime styles in education (parable of a healthy flower); 15:05 Tuition/scholarship en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher Bennington College en_US
dc.subject McCullough, Mr. Hall Park en_US
dc.subject McCullough, Edith van Benthuysen McCullough en_US
dc.subject McCullough, Mr. John en_US
dc.subject Schnabel, Artur en_US
dc.subject Bennington Scholarship Fund en_US
dc.subject Entrance Requirements en_US
dc.subject Teaching Requirements en_US
dc.title Edith McCullough Shares Recollections about the Founding of Bennington College en_US
dc.type Recording, oral en_US

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