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  • Unknown author (2014-07-16)
  • Unknown author (2014-10-02)
  • Bennington College - Board of Trustees; Kronberg, Alan '74, Chair; Stephens, Nick '77, Vice-Chair; Deane, Bobby '51, Vice-Chair (2019-05-06)
    "We want to thank the entire community for its extraordinary responsiveness last week and to send our heartfelt thoughts to everyone, particularly those faculty whose offices and work were lost or damaged."
  • Office of the President; Silver, Mariko (2019-05-01)
    "Here are a few updates for today. We’ll plan to share another update at the end of the day with plans for tomorrow. Please see this web page for ongoing updates. "
  • Bennington College - Provost and Dean's Office (2019-04-30)
    In light of events happening on campus, all 2:10 classes are cancelled...
  • Collamore, Kenneth; Office of Campus Safety (2019-04-30)
    On April 30, 2019, a fire was reported in the Barn administrative building at Bennington College.
  • Office of the President; Silver, Mariko (2019-05-01)
    "Here is a short update for the day; moving forward, ongoing updates will be shared on the webpage, with ecommunications reserved for larger news."
  • Office of the Provost and Dean; Roche, Isabel (2019-05-02)
    Before getting to the updates for the day, I want to take a moment to recognize the patience, kindness, and good humor demonstrated by so many over the past few days. This has enabled us all to stay focused – even during ...
  • Office of the Provost and Dean; Roche, Isabel (2019-05-02)
    Below is the final end-of-day update for the week. Thank you again to all who have shown such flexibility and resilience in the aftermath of the fire in the Barn.
  • Bennington College - Office of the President; Silver, Mariko. (2019-04-30)
    "I am writing to share an update on the fire in the barn. The fire is completely under control now."
  • Office of the President; Silver, Mariko, President; Roche, Isabel, Dean (2019-05-14)
    Planning for the Barn’s next chapter will begin over the summer and we would like your input regarding the future of this important space. The heroic efforts of firefighters and first responders — including some from our ...
  • Bennington College -- Campus Safety (2019-04-30)
    Instructions on obtaining retrievable items from the Barn.
  • Bennington College - Office of the President; Silver, Mariko (2019-04-30)
    The fire is out. No students, faculty, or staff were injured. The firefighter who was injured has been released from the hospital. The damage to the Barn was largely contained to where it began: the southeast section, which ...
  • Office of Communications (2019-05-10)
    Many thanks to all for their flexibility and patience over the last two weeks—and special thanks to staff in Buildings and Grounds and Campus Safety, who have been so expertly and humanely managing the complex aftermath ...
  • Office of Communications (2019-05-07)
    The most recent updates as of May 7, 2019.
  • Lieber, Molly (Candidate); Nishimura, Mina (Candidate); Redmond, Natalie (Associate Writer) (2019-07-08)
    MFA in Dance candidates have substantial professional experience in choreography, performance, or related disciplines, and continue their creative research through this MFA. In a supportive and challenging environment, ...
  • Bailey, Kenneth (Candidate); Zurkow, Marina (Candidate); Redmond, Natalie (Associate Writer) (2019-06-10)
    This MFA in Public Action is specifically geared to professionals working in the arts, including visual and performing artists and leaders, who are making significant contributions to the field of socially and civically ...
  • Unknown author (2019-04-11)
    Poetry at Bennington, a program of short-term residencies that brings established and emerging poets to Bennington College for public readinsa and close work with students, has been endowed with a gift of $4 million from ...



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