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  • Cheuse, Alan; Gonzalez, Eduardo (1983-09-18)
    "Thousands of Chilean and foreign students have been arrested by the military junta which last week overthrew the Allende government. The governments of Argentina, Mexico, and Peru have let it be known to friends of the ...
  • Members of the Lesbian Community (1980-06-04)
    "We'd like to register an objection to the choice of play produced by the Bennington Drama Division. The objection is not against the production or the acting, which were excellent, but to the treatment of lesbianism. ...
  • Unknown author (1980-05-19)
    "John LaPorta, musician, composer, author and teacher will present a Workshop on Ear Training and Improvisation at the Black Music Division's weekly forum on Tuesday, May 20, 1980."
  • Recreation Committee (1980-05-19)
    "Here comes the sun ... celebrate the arrival of Spring in the great tradition of Bennington College with our annual Sun Festival. The Festival is only four days away. We've already got five bands, twice as many kegs, ...
  • Unknown author (1980-04)



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