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Galleys Related to Governance

Galleys Related to Governance


Galleys were informal publications (usually one page in length) that were mimeographed or photocopied and distributed to all members of the Bennington College community. Students, faculty, and staff members used galleys as a forum to comment on campus issues and events, express opinions on national and international issues, and as a creative outlet. While many galleys are signed with the author’s name or initials, some galley authors chose to use pseudonyms or remain anonymous. The collection of galleys is sporadic from 1957-1964 and after 1979.

Recent Submissions

  • Unknown author (1969-05-07)
    Open meeting for students only to propose a unified group of perceptions, suggestions, etc. to improve the community especially in terms of academic issues.
  • Bruch, Robin; Lawton, Linda; Bro, Erika; Weis, Cathy; Holzman, Alan; Skinner, Beth; Dewey, Kippy; Gershman, Judy; Crain, Pat; Girard, Kathy; Nowak, Allison; Swinnerton, Gail; Goodman, Jill; Mitchell, Becky; Smith, Kathy; Tice, Janet; Welch, Polly (1969-05-05)
    We will be considering: 1.) Changes in curricular structure 2.) Mid-term comments--their uses and effectiveness 3.) Grades 4.) Possibilities of SEPC [Student Educational Policies Committee] recommending legislation 5.) ...
  • Unknown author (1969-06)
  • Stewart, Edith (1969-03-13)
    "The following amendment to the Constitution, originally drafted by the Community Council, has been proposed for adoption by the Faculty."
  • Unknown author (1969-04-14)
    "The committee constituted to hire new faculty members for the Drama Division wishes to repudiate the suggestion that it serves only a rubber-stamp role."
  • Unknown author (1967-09-28)
    "The Galley of September 17 epitomized the immature approach to complex problems of the community that best obviates concerted action toward solutions."
  • Elzey, Diana; Feeley, Helen; Golffing, Frances; Meyers, Elizabeth; Pearson, Harry; Ricks, Arnold; Tate, Lisa; Welter, Rush; Zenge, Judith (1968-05-09)
    "The Constitutional Council has been convened to proposed changes in the Standards and Rules concerning (1) Pets and (2) Men in Rooms"
  • Unknown author (1968-05-07)
    "On the Monday afternoon a general meeting will be held. During this meeting there will be a presentation of the main issues conducted by special groups who will have made a study of the following topics: 1) Classes, ...
  • Feeley, Helen; Constitutional Council; Welter, Rush; Zenge, Judith; Elzey, Diana; Golffing, Francis; Meyers, Elizabeth; Pearson, Harry; Tate, Lisa; Ricks, Arnold (1968-06-05)
    "The Constitutional Council unanimously finds against the student legislation affecting pets. The Council accepts the Student Constituency ' s contention that students should have the privilege of keeping pets if they could ...
  • Enlund, Elizabeth; Smith, Adele (1967-10-05)
    "The recent galley entitled "A Form for Student Action" is ignorant of the powers invested in the Student Educational Policy Committee. Evaluation of individual courses is not EPC's sole responsibility. EPC is the ...
  • Judicial Committee (1967)
    "What we are calling for is some serious, rational deliberation about the place and nature of regulations in this community that is fundamentally concerned with the opportunities for learning and doing and being of ...
  • Orloff, Natalie (1967-06-09)
  • Hollins, Martha; Munter, Carol (1965-04-16)
    "Those students who are advocating freedom are, by asking for delineation, negating that freedom. The questions, the fears about limitations of freedom stem from what we would like to think is non-recognition of, but may ...
  • Dovydenas, Liuda; McCormick, Jane; Rosenberg, Judy; Snow, Julie; Sunila, Joyce (1965-04-14)
    "Only through vociferous self-assertion can the students make clear their understanding of the "Bennington way", and thereby influence the evolution of the Bennington experiment."
  • Unknown author (1965-08-15)
    "If this college is, for you, anything more than just a place to exist for four years or if you want it to be something more than that; then be willing just once, to be honest. Look at the college - is it fulfilling its ...
  • Dworkin, Andrea (1966)
    "This college seems determined to bury what is unique and important here, and to normalize into a dwarf-like reproduction of conventional colleges all over the country."
  • Levin, Ginny; Morgan, Kate (1966-04-04)
    "We wish to call to the attention of the student body the proposal for changes in EPC policy now being presented at student house meetings. Because student-faculty communication has always been a unique and integral ...

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