Galleys, 1970 - 1979: Recent submissions

  • Fredericks, Claude (Bennington College, 1975-11-12)
    ....All this is a misuse of power and position. The statement about the Futures Committee, purportedly issuing from the FEPC, is nothing other than an underhanded piece of political maneuvering that seeks to sabotage ...
  • Belitt, Ben, 1911-2003 (Bennington College, 1975)
    "As one of the signers of a bill of objections called "scurrilous" by Claude Fredericks, I too had hoped we might turn our attention to the prospectus for the Future of Bennington College without unnecessary distraction ...
  • Kleiner, Gerald; Slessarev, Helen; Cartelli, Tom (1972-05-03)
    "The case is not only important because it points out the tainted nature of American political process, but also because Angela Davis embodies the basic struggles of our period - she is black and she is a woman. Her ...
  • Unknown author (1972-06-01)
    Directed by Brenda Dixon Stowell. Performed by Esther Moses Ryvlin. With: Christopher Bishop, Julian Gerstin, Tommy Guralnick, John Hagen. June 7, 8, 9 Barn Studio Theatre 8:00 p.m.
  • Ash, Jay; Graves, Milford; Hoyer, Jeff; Brooks, Arthur (1976-10-06)
    "We have been aware, on a personal and divisional level, of the closet cultural racist ideologies displayed by various individuals within the other divisions at this college for some time now, and, the continued existence ...
  • Hoyer, Jeff (1976-10-08)
    "The issues referred to in this week's open letter to Dr. Murphy were supposed to have been resolved three years ago. That this meaningless and often slanderous debate is allowed to go on, represents a continuing insult ...
  • Frisch, Richard (1976-10-05)
    "I am writing this letter to ask that you and the entire Bennington community again consider the grotesque racio-musical situation now existing in this gem of a college. A few years ago the faculty voted to accept the ...
  • Brooks, Art; Horenstein, Stephen; Ash, Jay; Dixon, Bill; Hoyer, Jeff; Milford, Graves (1976-09)
    "Due to the inadequacy of the space situation as it currently exists at the college for the practical implementation of teaching and the work of students in the Division (and we need not mention that occasional performances ...
  • Carruthers, Tony (1976-03-02)
    "It is one of the positive advantages of the Performing Arts at Bennington that they encourage such discourse and allow interdisciplinary extensions to illuminate t he topic. The active interaction between dance, drama ...
  • Updates 
    Cohen, Ronald (1976-02-23)
    "Because Fall Term was rather hectic and ended with many issues of concern left unresolved, I am writing to try to bring you up to date on the events t hat have occurred since then."
  • Unknown author (1976-02-09)
  • Nisselson, Jane E.; Schwartz, Anne (1976-04-20)
  • Unknown author (1975-10-31)
    "1. Booth House is Sponsoring a Masquerade Ball 2. Black Music Workshop 3. Vermont Symphony Concert"
  • Unknown author (1975-10-16)
    "Mr. Neal is currently teaching at Williams College in the English Department. He is the Co-Editor of the publication Black Fire. His lecture will be on the relationships between Black Literature and Black Music."
  • Unknown author (1975-11)
    "Photographer Sally Mann, a former Bennington student now working in Lexington, Virginia will be offering a two-day workshop for photography students and others interested in the medium on Wednesday & Thursday, November ...
  • Svane, Christina (1975-05-28)
    "The desire to cripple the Black Music Division is a symptom of the college's current hypocrisy about its role in the arts and the world. If it hopes to regain its role as a pioneer, it must decide to do so, and know ...
  • Unknown author (1975-05-29)



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