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  • Pitts, George Edward (1970-03-24)
    "At Bennington College the sense of immediacy which must pervade the establishment of a program of Black Studies diminishes in essentially a school of white students. That the school urges the student to pursue what he ...
  • Hunter, Roberta; Wilson, Judith; Simms, Donna A.; Pitts, George Edward; Dixon-Stowell, Brenda (1972-04-21)
    "The black students of Harvard-Radcliffe have seized the administration building as of 5:30, Wednesday night...The black students of Bennington have sent a telegram to the black students at Harvard Radcliffe expressing ...
  • Kleiner, Gerald; Slessarev, Helen; Cartelli, Tom (1972-05-03)
    "The case is not only important because it points out the tainted nature of American political process, but also because Angela Davis embodies the basic struggles of our period - she is black and she is a woman. Her ...
  • Cheatham, Jimmy (1972-05-08)
    We propose that a division called Black Music should be established, so that a comprehensive study of Black Music is possible. There must be at least three faculty members to start this division. Several teaching ...
  • Unknown author (1972-06-01)
    Directed by Brenda Dixon Stowell. Performed by Esther Moses Ryvlin. With: Christopher Bishop, Julian Gerstin, Tommy Guralnick, John Hagen. June 7, 8, 9 Barn Studio Theatre 8:00 p.m.
  • Frazier, Cindy (1973-11)
    "The sexist, rapist (that's a p) and generally womenhating productions that are perpetrated by the Drama Division are dangerous as well as disgraceful. From Nova Funk to Measure for Measure women are cast in either the ...
  • Unknown author (1973-11)
    "Ted Joans, the visiting Hadley Fellow in Black Music, is at Bennington College from now until next Tuesday, November 13. He is a jazz poet, a painter, musician, thinker who went to New York in the early 1950s armed with ...
  • Unknown author (1973-11-08)
    "Ted Joans, Hadley Fellow in Black Music, will be available in his Studio (Jennings 212) on..."
  • Wilson, Judith (1973-11-08)
    "As a black woman who is also a literature student I am replying to Cindy Frazier's open letter to the drama division, not because I expect to be able to penetrate the veil of myopia in which Ms. Frazier's vision seems to ...
  • Unknown author (1973-11-09)
    "Ted Joans, a Hadley Fellow in Black Mus ic will be reading in Tishman Hall tonight"
  • Frazier, Cindy (1973-11-13)
    "In your first paragraph you regret that the debate of "such matters as the relationship of art to society" has not been settled. You even imply that such a debate is anti-intellectual . This seems a shocking evaluation ...
  • Unknown author (1974-03-10)
  • Unknown author (1974-05)
    "The Drama Division presents Joanna Featherstone in a one-woman show of Afro-American poetry."
  • Unknown author (1974-05)
  • Unknown author (1974-05)
    "Clayton Riley - Writer Critic - Hadley Fellow in Black Music will speak Wednesday, May 1st"
  • Unknown author (1974-10)
    "This Monday, October 14 at 4:30 p.m. in the Carriage Barn, there will be a Black Music Workshop with members of Ensemble III. The Topic: "The Solo"."
  • Dixon, Bill (1974-10-08)
    "The Black Music Division is in the process of assembling manuscripts, articles, essays, art work, photos, etc. for a Journal of Contemporary Black Music Aesthetics. Since this Journal will be emanating from Bennington ...
  • Tristman, Richard; Paglia, Camille; Salamon, Linda; Kirkpatrick, Joanna (1974-11-11)
    "The Crossett Library's current lobby-exhibit, "Matriarchy: The Golden Age," is a collection of archaeological and anthropological falsifications which do not deserve the recommendation of display in an academic library ...



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