Bennington College

Galleys, 1957 - 1959

Galleys, 1957 - 1959


Recent Submissions

  • Unknown author (1958-03-31)
    "During my ten weeks in Boston I was happily surrounded by the extra-academic opportunities made available to me through the lecture halls of Harvard, Brandeis, M.I.T. etc., where as many as three or four speakers are ...
  • Unknown author (1958-04-21)
    1. "There cannot be many greater ignominies than that of a college which denies access to the library during such times as Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon and evening." 2. "It is a sad comment upon the entire ...
  • Unknown author (1957-12-17)
    "Does a relationship exist between a mechanical-scientific culture and its ramifications to general philosophies and theories in and about itself and its teachings, and the forms of spontaneous "creative" expression which ...
  • Unknown author (1957-12-16)
    "The recent issue of Galley has in common with many recent student offerings in that organ a lack of practical suggestion which is characteristic of "constructive criticism." It is evident that certain members of the ...
  • Unknown author (1958-04-02)
    1. "It is the responsibility of those who have won a freedom to preserve it. To have overcome the forces that oppose freedom of the press is meritorious, but it is of prime importance to maintain that press in keeping with ...
  • Unknown author (1958-05-03)
    "We might well question the recent measures suggested in meetings of the Executive Committee to combat the wave of vandalism on the campus. All of these measures seem to this observer to accent as a given that these activities ...
  • Unknown author (1958-05-01)
    1. Damaged records in the music library "The wonders of modern science! It has not only developed orthophonic high fidelity recordings with ideal dynamic full frequency range plus clarity and brilliance, but al so chemically ...
  • Unknown author (1965-12)
    "...we are going to conduct a crash food and clothing drive for the unemployed Negroes in Mississippi. There will be a large box placed i n each house f or clothing and a smaller one for canned or packaged food that you ...
  • Unknown author (1958-05-13)
    1. Mathieu 2. Campus Lake 3. "Myron's Own Story"
  • Nert 
    Unknown author (1957-11-25)
    A satirical galley about Non Resident Term
  • Unknown author (1958-10-31)
    "Tonight, at 9:00 o'clock in Commons Lounge, the College will tape a radio broadcast for Mutual Network. A panel made up of Mrs. Clarence Howard, State President of the League of Women Voters, Gene Baro and Mrs. DeGray ...
  • Unknown author (1958-05-20)
    "Sitting here as an impartial observer, I'm not going to be here for dance weekend, I find the going on a trifle ridiculous to say the least. The system of checks and rules and regulations would seem more appropriate in ...
  • Unknown author (1958-10-16)
    "One of the great impediments to efficient work at Bennington is the rigidity of mealtimes, and I would like to ask if something can't be done about making them more flexible."
  • Unknown author (1959-12-12)
    "Hats Off REC! Last night's dance was the best I've ever attended at Bennington And this comes from a senior which didn't even have a date ! Just sat on the sidelines and enjoyed the music and the vicarious fun."
  • Unknown author (1959-12-12)
    "There seems to be something wrong with Rec."
  • Unknown author (1959-12-11)
    "All loyal supporters of the Students Activity Fund are thrilled with Rec's originiality in planning our Christmas weekend, for which they have saved their energies all term long."



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