The Galley Collection is comprised of galleys and community notices written by Bennington College students, faculty, and staff members. Galleys were informal publications (usually one page in length) that were mimeographed or photocopied and distributed to all members of the Bennington College community. Students, faculty, and staff members used galleys as a forum to comment on campus issues and events, express opinions on national and international issues, and as a creative outlet.

The 1969 Student Handbook explains "Galley appears in mimeographed form when someone wants to express an opinion in writing on some issue of current concern. Though it has neither an editor nor an editorial policy, it is not intended as a publicity organ. All contributions must be signed by the initials of the author(s) or a nom de plume and left in the Galley mailbox at the Switchboard." While many galleys are signed with the author’s name or initials, some galley authors chose to use pseudonyms or remain anonymous. There were some reoccurring pseudonyms, for example Anita Roach or Captain Normal Monad.

Galley first emerged as a student publication in May 1955. These early newsprint publications were collections of opinion-based material similar to what would later appear in the mimeographed galleys, along with advertisements. It is unclear whether any galleys were distributed between 1955, when the four newsprint issues of Galley appeared, and 1957, the year this collection begins. The collection of galleys is sporadic from 1957-1964 and after 1979. Galleys particularly flourished between 1967 and 1972, and reflect student and faculty concerns with campus governance, the Vietnam War, Civil Rights, and other issues.

Collections in this community

Recent Submissions

  • Fredericks, Claude (Bennington College, 1975-11-12)
    ....All this is a misuse of power and position. The statement about the Futures Committee, purportedly issuing from the FEPC, is nothing other than an underhanded piece of political maneuvering that seeks to sabotage ...
  • Belitt, Ben, 1911-2003 (Bennington College, 1975)
    "As one of the signers of a bill of objections called "scurrilous" by Claude Fredericks, I too had hoped we might turn our attention to the prospectus for the Future of Bennington College without unnecessary distraction ...
  • Unknown author (1969-12)
    "The readers include Peter Wilson, Nicholas Delbanco, Richard Tristman, Stephen Sandy, Barbara Smith, Michael Dennis Browne and John Beary."
  • Cromley, Jessica; Gordon, Lyn; Frank, Marilyn (1969-12-12)
    "Size is destroying the Bennington Experience. What is a Bennington Education? Administration dictation with student and faculty influence?"
  • Unknown author (1969-12-11)
    "We could live together and be poor and happy. We could paint the walls ourselves, and make furniture out of boxes ...We could drink cheap wine, eat pasta, and read the "Brothers Karamazov". We could make love three times ...
  • Unknown author (1969-05)
    "Robert Sward will be visiting the campus on Thursday the 15th and will give a reading of his own poetry at 8:30 pm in the Carriage Barn Lounge."
  • Unknown author (1969-05-02)
    "Biologist George Wald, a 1968 Nobel Prize winner, electrified his listeners at MIT last month when he gave the following talk."
  • Parnes, Sharon (1969-05-14)
    Arguments in favor of the three course norm
  • Eskin, Stanley; Juhasz, Joseph; Kirkpatrick, Joanna; Rowe, Leonard (1969-05)
  • Unknown author (1969-05)
    This satirical galley describes a dystopian Bennington featuring issues on campus such as the construction of the new science building and the "three course norm" a proposal to allow students to take a maximum of three courses.
  • Unknown author (1969-05-07)
    Open meeting for students only to propose a unified group of perceptions, suggestions, etc. to improve the community especially in terms of academic issues.
  • Bloustein, Edward J. (1969-05-08)
    "Several friends of Kate Housekeeper and Ellie Siegel and of their families have sent in sums of money which have been used to establish two memorial funds. Kate's and Ellie's families will ultimately decide on a fitting ...
  • Hyman, Laurence J. (1969-05-13)
    "There seems to be growing concern among the students that, for financial reasons, FEPC has dropped the academic offering of photography at Bennington. This is not true, and I feel this subject should be qualified ...
  • Sorin, Judith (1969-05-12)
    "We are supposed to make our own decisions about our education here, but a three course curriculum is imposing a particular educational theory on everyone. There are many of us who want a broad education and who wish ...
  • Carini, Louis (1969-05-07)
    "I am not going to argue that the present NRT office is or should be adequate to this task, but that the office for handling professional planning, job opportunities, etc., should not be attached to a liberal arts ...
  • Greenthal, Susan; Gershman, Judy; Jacobson, Toni; Handler, Amy (1969-05-13)
    "Last week the three year fight to totally eliminate ROTC FROM THE DARTMOUTH CAMPUS was brought to a head. At 3:00 am Wednesday May 7, 56 men and women were arrested for defying a court injunction to leave the building ...
  • Ryan, Beverly; Hamer, Holly (1969-05-01)
    Applepie [sic] Motherhood have performed at the Boston Tea Party, Unicorn, Cafe au Go Go, the Bitter End, Electric Circus , La Cafe, and many others. They have made several television appearances , and the release of ...
  • Unknown author (1969-05-15)
    The Bennington Review will be on sale in Commons.
  • Kaplan, Isabelle; Kaplan, Harold; Woodworth, Robert H., 1902-1990; Lyon, Irving; Gray, Paul; Benedikt, E. R. Coburn; Picco, U. R.; Browne, Michael Dennis; Cairns, John B.; Malamud, Bernard; Smith, Barbara H.; Supowit, Lee; Tristman, Richard G.; Delbanco, Nicholas F.; Cornwell, Robert G.; Surette, Gerald M.; Kirkpatrick, Joanna; Guy, Georges F.; Eskin, Stanley (1969-05-02)
    "We feel that a reduction from a four-course to a three-course program is a reduction indeed. We understand and respect the educational principles upon which the three-course suggestions are based - a compensation in ...
  • Unknown author (1969-05)
    "We need ideas from everyone to produce a marvel of a carnival NINE days from today on May 23. There are 20 booths and so far only 10 houses have come up with decisions for booths. Ohhhhhh! So please please get together ...

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