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  • Parker, Gail Thain (Bennington College, 1973-10-02)
    "All of us, as members of the College community. share in the responsibility for making equal opportunity an actual, functioning condition of life at this College. To insure the effectiveness of the Affirmative Action ...
  • Unknown author (Bennington College, 1973-07-27)
    "In September, 1973, Bennington College will of~e r seven courses for undergraduate credit in Contemporary Black Music. Composition, improvisation, and ensemble work will be taught on all levels, supplemented by individual ...
  • Merck, Kate (Bennington College, 1973-11-06)
    A special fund of at least $1500 should be established and maintained in the Admissions Budget to hire minority students already at the College to recruit potential minority candidates.
  • Parker, Gail Thain (Bennington College, 1973)
    "Insofar as I understand the law, the College is bound not to discriminate; we cannot discriminate against white males any more than we can discriminate against black women. In the case of faculty hiring, we must be sure ...
  • Welter, Rush (Bennington College, 1973-10-11)
    "I was unable to attend the faculty meeting of October 3 at which the so-called affirmative action program was discussed. I understand, however, that members of the faculty who are not in sympathy with the program have ...
  • Unknown author (Bennington College, 1973)
    "We have had a great deal of difficulty in the last few years attracting qualified black students--for a number of good reasons. Bennington is expensive; there is no local black community to draw on; many potential students ...



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