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  • Carini, Louis; Guy, Georges; Hanks, Lucien; Brown, Donald; Holt, George; Kirkpatrick, Joanna; Hansenclever, Irene; Lyon, Irving; Ricks, Arnold; Surette, Gerald; Rowe, Leonard; Supowit, Lee; Feeley, Helen; Van der Linde, Reinhound; Tristman, Richard; Shapiro; Westberg; Wilson; Witkin, Issac; Wittman, Josef; Wittman, Martha; Tillim, Sidney; Tate; Stickney, Rebecca; Hyman, Laurence; Hyman, Stanley Edgar; Delbanco, Nicholas; Pearson, Harry; Picco, Ulises Raul; Rosenblith, Eric; Sainer, Arthur; Schlabach, Anne; Smith, Barbara; Stroud, Peter; DeGray, Julian; DeGray, Margaret; Elman, Richard; Eskin, Stanley; Finckel, George; Finckel, Marianne; Flory; Golffing, Francis; Gray, Paul; Adams, Pat; Baker, Frank; Belitt, Ben; Calabro, Louis; Nowak, Lionel; Nowak, Laura; Wohnus, John; Woodworth, Robert; Teare, Robert; Montesinos, Nora (1968-04-05)
    "There will be a memorial service for Dr. Martin Luther King at the North Bennington Congregationalist Church today at 2:00 p.m. The college community will assemble on Commons lawn at 1:15. We will walk from the college ...



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