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  • Moskowitz, Michael (Bennington College, 1991-05-20)
  • Ellison, Ralph (1974-10)
    Audio recording of inaugural lecture of the Stanley Edgar Hyman lecture series. Ralph Ellison is introduced by Bernard Malamud. In the lecture, Ralph Ellison reads from his unpublished second novel, posthumously published ...
  • Forrester, Anne (1996-11-07)
  • Sinnette, Caleen (1969-12-10)
    "I went to register for the only Black American literature course and was told that no sophomores would be allowed in it as it is an introductory course, "...and it would be unfair to the freshmen who wanted to take ...
  • Svane, Christina (1975-05-28)
    "The desire to cripple the Black Music Division is a symptom of the college's current hypocrisy about its role in the arts and the world. If it hopes to regain its role as a pioneer, it must decide to do so, and know ...
  • Wilson, Judith (1973-11-08)
    "As a black woman who is also a literature student I am replying to Cindy Frazier's open letter to the drama division, not because I expect to be able to penetrate the veil of myopia in which Ms. Frazier's vision seems to ...
  • Unknown author (Bennington College, 1973-10-12)
    This is an attachment to the October 1973 Trustee Minutes. "..The results of our work indicate that not enough effort has gone into finding and interviewing black faculty candidates, that the effort put into student ...
  • Emmett, Jessie K (Bennington College, 1973-06-15)
    This packet of documents includes the agenda and minutes of the June 15-16, 1973 Board of Trustees meeting and minutes of the Ad Hoc Committee on Black Student and Faculty Recruitment.
  • Unknown author (1972-01-28)
    Black Culture Library acquisitions material
  • Bareiss, Walter, 1920-2007; Bareiss, Molly (Bennington College, 1986-10-09)
    Another exhibition, "Paintings", showing the work of Sidney Tillim, opened concurrently and featured 20 figurative and abstract works.
  • Morse, Deborah - Flute; Graham, Christine - Flute; Swinnerton, Gail - Clarinet; Tenney, Sarah - Percussion; Snyder, Amy - Percussion; Pearson, Phyllis - Percussion; Tuch, Charlene - Percussion; Finckel, Michael - Percussion; Gotlib, Jil - Percussion; Charow, Susan - Piano; Guiu, Christina - Piano; Fine, Vivian - Conductor; Finckel, Michael - Conductor; Baker, Frank - Tenor; Schonbeck, Gunnar - Oboe; Schonbeck, Gunnar - Alto Saxophone; Horton, Beth - Bassoon; Meachem, Bruce - French Horn; Carrier, Eileen - Viola; Borda, Deborah - Viola; Zucker, Joan - Cello; Siegel, Martha - Cello; Finckel, Marianne - Bass (1970-06-14)
  • Kimball, Roger (Bennington College, 1974-11-13)
    It was stressed that certain divisions, Black Music or Photography for instance, would not be able to survive as a division were there cuts to be made from their faculty...SEPC drafted a petition against cutting any faculty ...
  • Unknown author (1974-12)
    September to December in Black Music An exhibition of tapes, photographs, slides, films, video tapes, scores, etc. Usdan Gallery
  • McCrae, Shane (2014-04)
    Shane McCrae is the author of the poetry collections "Blood" (Noemi Press, 2013) and "Mule" (Cleveland State University Poetry Center 2011) and the recipient of a 2011 Whiting Writers' Award and 2013 NEA Creative Writing ...
  • Richards, Shep - Guitar; Dixon, Bill; Brooks, Arthur; Serodeack, David; Hutchinson, Matthew - Piano; Brandt, David - Percussion; Miesmer, Josh - Guitar (1994-05-29)
  • Abernethy, William B.; Bloustein, Edward J.; Brown, Donald R.; Condon, Robert; Flanagan, Francis B.; Gil, Gloria; Gross, Chaim; Haynes, Spencer B.; Powers, Lawrence F.; Rowe, Leonard; Toolan, James M. (1968-04-12)
    "We are white people. It was our forefathers who came to this country in search of freedom and yet who made black people into slaves; it was our forefathers who carried black people from Africa to America in boats of ...
  • Fugard, Athol; Mosley, Ramaa, director; Dunn, Thomas, lighting and set designer; Soluri, Patrick, sound designer; Lee, Amber, costume designer (1995-06-05)
  • Smith, Adele (1968-06-05)
    "In an effort to make education more relevant to us and to introduce black culture to interested white students, the black students at Bennington have presented two proposals to the administration and the faculty. The ...
  • MacGregor, Susan B. (1975-05-22)
    "The brief history of Black Music at Bennington has been equally disconcerting. The move to include Black Music in the Bennington curriculum was not intitated by the College indeed it was quite literally a campaign mounted ...



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