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  • ; (Bennington College, 1972-11-30)
    The Galley referenced in the attachments to the minutes is entitled, "Proposal for a Department of Black Music." This packet also contains FEPC Minutes for 5/10/72.
  • Burggraf, Florence (Bennington College, 1975-05-07)
  • Unknown author (1965-12)
    "...we are going to conduct a crash food and clothing drive for the unemployed Negroes in Mississippi. There will be a large box placed i n each house f or clothing and a smaller one for canned or packaged food that you ...
  • Merck, Kate (Bennington College, 1973-11-06)
  • Bennington Black & Red (1969-09-22)
    "This Tuesday, September 23, a man is going to die in the electric chair. He is Fred Ahmed Evans. Perhaps many people at Bennington have never heard of him, much less his execution."
  • Albers, Josef, 1888-1976; Avedisian, Ed; Bearden, Romare; Feeley, Paul, 1910-1966; Ferber, Herbert, 1906-1991; Frankenthaler '49, Helen, 1928-2011; Boxer, Stanley, 1926-2000; Burliuk, David; Gottlieb, Adolph, 1903-1974; Caro, Anthony, 1924-2013; Hirsch, Stefan; Dumitresco, Natalie; Humphrey, Ralph; Dupre, Julien; Johanson, Patricia; Epstein, Sir Jacob; Kauffman, Craig; Feeley, Paul, 1910-1966; Kelly, Ellsworth; Knaths, Karl, 1891-1971; Lawrence, Jacob; Lindner, Richard; Longo, Vincent; Marini, Marino; Martin, Agnes, 1912-2004; Mathieu, Georges, 1921-2012; Parker, Ray; Poons, Larry, 1937-; Moller, Hans; Poor, Anne, 1918-2002; Moselsio, Simon; Quirt, Walter; Motherwell, Robert, 1915-1991; Rice-Pereira, Irene; Newman, John Avery; Rivera, Diego, 1886-1957; Noland, Kenneth, 1924-2010; Smith, Charles W; Smith, David, 1906-1965; Smith, Tony, 1912-1980; Soulages, Pierre, 1919-; Zorach, William, 1887-1966; Zuloaga, Ignacio, 1870-1945; Friedlander, Lee, 1934-; Winogrand, Garry, 1928-1984; Boubat, Edouard, 1923-1999; Bravo, Manuel Alvarez, 1902-2002; Weston, Brett, 1911-1993; Evans, Walker; Savage, Naomi; Adams, Pat; Bareiss, Molly S.; Bareiss, Walter; Beale, Patrick; Boyd, Karen Johnson; Chazen, Lois; Elderfield, John; Fitzpatrick, Robert J.; Green, Wilder; Hecht, Michael; Krakora, Joseph; Lieberman, William S.; Malbin, Lydia Winston; McCullough, John; Stickney, Rebecca; Tillim, Sidney 1925-2001; Witkin, Isaac, 1936-2006; Usdan, Suzanne Lemberg (Bennington College, 1987-12-08)
  • Bloustein, Edward J.; Landis, Kendall (1971-04-01)
    "A naming grant of $15,000 is being sought to enlarge the Bennington College Library collection of books, pamphlets, periodicals, and recordings related to the study of Black culture. We feel that such a grant would enable ...
  • Smith, Adele (1968-04-08)
    "Are you going to sit back while another black leader dies then hold your memorial services and weep your tears? H. Rap Brown has been imprisoned since February 21, Since that time he has been fasting for his people. He ...
  • Downs, Michael - Baritone; Shawn, Allen - Piano; Brooks, Arthur - Flugelhorn; Golub, Peter - Piano; Bloom, Joseph - Piano; Glick, Jacob - Violin; Schonbeck, Gunnar - Clarinet; Dixon, Bill - Trumpet; Dixon, Bill - Flugelhorn; Gamel, Seana - Violin; Twomey, Celia - Soprano (1993-10-31)
  • Jacobson, Antoinette (1968-10-11)
    "A desperate situation exists in Biafra today. It is estimated that as many as ten thousand Biafran men, women, and children are dying a day. Five months ago, the death rate was 300 a day; in July the toll had risen to ...
  • Wright, Elizabeth - Piano; Shawn, Allen - Piano; Glick, Jacob - Viola; Brooks, Arthur - Trumpet; Brooks, Arthur - Flugelhorn; Dixon, Bill - Trumpet; Dixon, Bill - Piano; Dixon, Bill - Flugelhorn; Sojkowski, Gary - Percussion; Zaffuts, Gerald - Trombone; Stein, Joan - Piano; Baker, Frank - Tenor; Schonbeck, Gunnar - Clarinet; Downs, Michael - Baritone; Golub, Peter - Piano (1991-09-11)
  • Unknown author (Bennington College, 1973-07-27)
    "In September, 1973, Bennington College will of~e r seven courses for undergraduate credit in Contemporary Black Music. Composition, improvisation, and ensemble work will be taught on all levels, supplemented by individual ...
  • Putnam, Louisa; Johnstone, Erika (1968-10)
    "Is the cultural bias of this campus so White that Black students must necessarily feel alienated? Whether or not overt discrimination exists , can Black students feel comfortable here in their own life style, or must ...
  • Unknown author (1974-05)
    "The Drama Division presents Joanna Featherstone in a one-woman show of Afro-American poetry."
  • Dixon, Bill (1974-10-08)
    "The Black Music Division is in the process of assembling manuscripts, articles, essays, art work, photos, etc. for a Journal of Contemporary Black Music Aesthetics. Since this Journal will be emanating from Bennington ...
  • Sinnette, Caleen J. (1968-10-14)
    "Having just returned from Nigeria after living there for three years and having been through two coup d'etats, I feel I can speak about the Civil War with slightly better insight than others. I think it a shame indeed ...
  • Unknown author (1966-12-07)
    "'Keep that Nigger Running.' - Invisible Man , Ralph Ellison." "The Civil Rights Colloquium at Bennington last weekend raised more questions than it answered. I am an ex-student, activist in the civil rights movement for ...
  • Unknown author (2014-04-15)
    Laurence Ralph is an Assistant Professor in Anthropology and African American Studies at Harvard University. His latest book is Renegade Dreams: Living Through Injury in Gangland Chicago.
  • Foster, Kit (Bennington College, 1958-05-13)



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