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  • Unknown author (1968-06-03)
  • Unknown author (1968-10-11)
    Document from the commencement committee. Students were voting between Julian Bond, John Cage, Bob Dylan, Jules Feiffer, Allen Ginsberg, Fanny Lou Hamer, Denise Levertov, and John Lindsay.
  • Unknown author (Bennington Banner, 1960-03-17)
  • Thompson, Robert Farris (Bennington College, 1986)
  • Kleiner, Gerald; Slessarev, Helen; Cartelli, Tom (1972-05-03)
    "The case is not only important because it points out the tainted nature of American political process, but also because Angela Davis embodies the basic struggles of our period - she is black and she is a woman. Her ...
  • Unknown author (1974-12-02)
    "In conjunction with this Exhibition, there will be a series of informal evening concerts on Thursday, December 5 and Friday, December 6 in the Carriage Barn at 10:15 p.m."
  • De Leon, Lucia (1966-03-31)
    "Representation through your congressman is your POWER to help forward civil rights for nearly a million people. You may not be able to, or want to go down South to help in voter registration. But you have in your ...
  • Unknown author (1936-04-16)
    The Art that Pays was a series of discussions held at Bennington College in April and May of 1936. The intent of the series was to analyze contemporary popular arts "which have developed from the modern methods of machine ...
  • Sherwin, Mary Elizabeth (Bennington College, 1947-12-17)
    Inter-Racial Conference Held at Princeton // Winter Work Period Plans // Dance Workshop Presented to Enthusiastic Audience // Chorus Sings at Metropolitan Museum // Art-Literature Seminar: "Some Versions of Primitive" // ...
  • Frankenthaler, Helen (Bennington College, 1947-06-05)
    Government Division Proposals are Discussed at Meeting // Alexandra Crawford Elected NSO Representative // Drama Department to Present French Farce June 30 // Senior Division Scare // Donations to Help Fight Jim Crow Laws ...
  • Lee, Cynthia (Bennington College, 1948-11-24)
    Dance Workshop Presents Variety of Material and Treatment // Chorus to Give Carnegie Concert Dec. 5th // Dog Days at Bennington Are Over
  • Lee, Cynthia (Bennington College, 1948-05-12)
    Vermont Forum Discusses Racial Discrimination // Tentative Plans fo Army Film on College // Pres. Burkhardt, Mrs. Franklin, Students Speak at Philadelphia // President Burkhardt Presents Idea for Integration of Social Science ...
  • Lee, Cynthia (Bennington College, 1948-09-30)
    College Chooses Dewey as Next President // Campus Progressive Party Meets // The Vermont Forums
  • Pattison, Olivia (Bennington College, 1949-11-03)
    Carnegie Institute Grant for American Values Program // New Faculty Approve Bennington Educational Methods and Aims // Campus News // Meeting of the Board of Trustees // Negro Educational Role in America // Public Relations ...
  • Monk, Isabell; Clubb, Dare; Porter, Veneita, performer; Young, Janis, director; Sharwell, Paul, lighting designer; Lipscomb, William C., stage manager; Groupe, David V., technical director (1984-05-16)
  • Alatorre, Jessica (Bennington College, 2007-03-16)
    Rebuilding New Orleans, Busch on Iraq, Applicants increase by 25%,Are politics polluting our educational experience?, A Bennington Retrospective: Intimates or Inmates?, It's my party, and I'll be "insensitive" if I want ...
  • Vaughn, Daria (1969-05-08)
    "I'd like to bring five junior high school age young ladies up to Bennington the weekend of the 16th. Most of them have never been outside of Freeport, although they live half an hour from New York City . I'd like them ...
  • Liebman, Susan (Bennington College, 1950-11-17)
    Exec. Institutes New Administrative Policy / Dance Workshop Program Set, Will Perform In New York City / Student Financial System A Series Of Checks And Balances / Straw Vote Shows Community Favors Retention Of NSA / Senior ...
  • Liebman, Susan (Bennington College, 1951-06-29)
    Col. Shelly Will Deliver Commencement Address, 1951 Candidates For Bennington Graduation, Mr. Brockway Announces Mrs. DeGray New Dean, "Anna Sophie Hedvig", Boynton To Be Assistant To Pres. Of Conn. College, Commencement ...
  • Unknown author (1975-05-15)
    Topics: Part One History of Black Music in United States, George Gershwin, the popularity of jazz in Europe, the role of historians and critics in art, writing and conducting a score for a United States Information Agency ...



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