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Buildings and Grounds

Buildings and Grounds


This created collection consists of documents created and used by various members of the Bennington College community during the course of activities relating to the planning and construction of buildings on campus. Included in the collection are materials created and/or used by various staff of the college, including Buildings and Grounds (formerly known as the Office of Facilities Management; also formerly known as Physical Plant.) Correspondence and plans from architects, consultants, and contractors comprise the bulk of the collection. The collection also includes correspondence and memoranda from members of the Bennington College community during the planning stages of building construction.

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Recent Submissions

  • Schlatter, Andrew (Associate Vice President for Facilities and Maintenance) (2006)
  • Bennington College; Kornberg, Alan (Chairman, Board of Trustees); Siclari, Todd (Systems Manager); Snow, Burr B. (Water System Operator) (2018-06-28)
    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has directed that beginning in October 1999, every public water system in the nation must present to each of its water customers a report on water quality. This report includes some ...
  • Isherwood, John; Stradley, John; Architectural Design Team (2018-06-08)
    We are excited to announce that the new Cafe space on the first floor of the renovated Commons building will incorporate a collection of so unique, custom light fixtures, designed and fabricated in a collaboration between ...
  • Lockwood Greene (Lockwood Greene Engineers, Inc., 1958-06-27)
    The purpose of this report is : 1. To study the adequacy and condition of the present individual heating boilers and their auxiliary equipment. 2. To present recommendations and cost estimates for present equipment ...
  • Shipman, Ellen Biddle (Cornell University Archive, 1914)
    "Ellen Biddle Shipman was an American landscape architect known for her formal gardens and lush planting style. Along with Beatrix Farrand and Marian Cruger Coffin, she dictated the style of the time and strongly influenced ...
  • Unknown author (Bennington College, 1930)
  • Legner, Linda (1976-12)
    "Bennington College Projects, Bennington, Vt. 1967 to the present. Ward's work for this small, progressive liberal arts school in Vermont includes the science building and lecture hall, visual and performing arts building, ...
  • Christoff, Taryn; Finio, Martin. (2015-10-06)
    Taryn Christoff and Martin Finio, architects for the Commons project, will hold an open session for students to review preliminary renderings and solicit input on the space and its uses.