Faculty: Recent submissions

  • Harris, Sarah D. (Monsters and the Monstrous. Inter-Disciplinary Press. ISBN: 978-1-84888-405-2., 2016)
    In his first film to premiere outside of his native Spain, international superstar director Pedro Almodóvar tackles the horror genre for the first time. The Skin I Live In (La piel que habito) maintains a certain consistency ...
  • Harris, Sarah D. (Routledge, 2015)
    Stereotyping based on ethnic and racial difference has also led to a practice whereby artists represent, and viewers understand, the “Other” as monstrous in comics and cartoons. Building on the idea that comics rely on ...
  • McIntyre, Andrew (2002)
    The regularized determinant of the Laplacian on n-differentials on a hyperbolic Riemann surface is studied. The main result is an intrinsic characterization of the connection form for the determinant line bundle, endowed ...
  • McIntyre, Andrew; Takhtajan, Leon A. (Springer Verlag, 2006-09)
    For a family of compact Riemann surfaces X_t of genus g>1 parametrized by the Schottky space S_g, we define a natural basis for the holomorphic n-differentials on X_t which varies holomorphically with t and generalizes the ...
  • McIntyre, Andrew; Teo, Lee-Peng (Springer Verlag, 2006)
    For a quasi-Fuchsian group Γ with ordinary set Ω, and Δ_n the Laplacian on n-differentials on Γ\Ω, we define a notion of a Bers dual basis ϕ_1,…,ϕ_2_d for ker Δ_n. We prove that det Δ_n/det⟨ϕ_j,ϕ_k⟩, is, up to an anomaly ...
  • McIntyre, Andrew; Park, Jinsung (Elsevier, 2014)
    We define a Chern-Simons invariant for a certain class of infinite volume hyperbolic 3-manifolds. We then prove an expression relating the Bergman tau function on a cover of the Hurwitz space, to the lifting of the function ...
  • Schroeder, Timothy; John, Barbara E. (Wiley American Geophysical Union, 2004-11)
    Abstract: Microstructural observations, mineral chemistry, and the spatial distribution of deformation fabrics recorded in outcrop samples collected from Atlantis Massif, the active inside corner high at 30 °N, Mid- Atlantic ...
  • Schroeder, Timothy; Cheadle, Michael J.; Dick, Henry J. B.; Faul, Ulrich; Casey, John F.; Kelemen, Peter B. (Wiley American Geophysical Union, 2007-06)
    Abstract: Drilling during ODP Leg 209, dredging, and submersible dives have delineated an anomalous stretch of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge north and south of the 15°20'N Fracture Zone. The seafloor here consists dominantly of ...
  • Schroeder, Timothy; Bach, Wolfgang; Jöns, Niels; Jöns, Svenja; Monien, Patrick; Klügel, Andreas (Wiley American Geophysical Union, 2015-10)
    Carbonate veins recovered from the mafic/ultramafic footwall of an oceanic detachment fault on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge record multiple episodes of fluid movement through the detachment and secondary faults. High-temperature ...
  • Pitcher, Jonathan (The Evelyn Waugh Society, 2006)
    Book review of The Road of Excess: A History of Writers on Drugs, by Marcus Boon. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 2002. 339 pp.
  • Pitcher, Jonathan (The Evelyn Waugh Society, 2009)
    Book review of The Image of the English Gentleman in Twentieth-Century Literature: Englishness and Nostalgia by Christine Berberich. Aldershot: Ashgate, 2007. 218 pp.
  • Pitcher, Jonathan (The Evelyn Waugh Society, 2007)
    Book review of "Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited and Other Late Novels," by Bernard Schweizer. A Companion to the British and Irish Novel: 1945-2000. Ed. Brian W. Shaffer. Malden, MA: Blackwell, 2005. 608 pp.
  • Pitcher, Jonathan (The Evelyn Waugh Society, 2008)
    Book review of Ethics and Nostalgia in the Contemporary Novel, by John J. Su. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005. 226 pp.
  • Pitcher, Jonathan (The Evelyn Waugh Society, 2009)
    Book review of Nation and Novel: The English Novel from its Origins to the Present Day, by Patrick Parrinder. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006. 502 pp.
  • Pitcher, Jonathan (The Evelyn Waugh Society, 2003)
  • Pitcher, Jonathan (The Evelyn Waugh Society, 2004)
    Book review of Evelyn Waugh and the Modernist Tradition, by George McCartney. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction, 2003. 211 pp.
  • Pitcher, Jonathan (The Evelyn Waugh Society, 2005)
    Book review of Radicals on the Road: The Politics of English Travel Writing in the 1930s by Bernard Schweizer. Charlottesville, VA: UP of Virginia, 2001. 216 pp.
  • Pitcher, Jonathan; Freire, Marcelino (2014-04)
    Jonathan Pitcher's translation of two stories, "About Peace" and "Armed Struggle", by Marcelino Freire.
  • Pitcher, Jonathan (The Evelyn Waugh Society, 2004)
    A book review of Evelyn Waugh: A Literary Biography, 1924-1966, by John Howard Wilson. Cranbury, NJ: Associated University Presses, 2001. 198 pp.
  • Pitcher, Jonathan (The Evelyn Waugh Society, 2012)
    Book review of Atlantic Republic: The American Tradition in English Literature by Paul Giles. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2006.



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