Recent Submissions

  • Whimberly, Michael (Presenter); Martinez, Evett (Presenter); Barney, Nick (Presenter); Hennessy, Nick (Presenter); Mame-Fatou, Niang (Presenter); MacPhee, Eleanor (Presenter); Nam Phuong Thi Doan (Presenter); Montano, Domenica (Presenter); Prescott, Anne (Presenter); Gilman, Anne (Presenter); Ugolini, Beatrice, Class of 2016 (Presenter); Seifert, Lewis (Presenter) (2018-03)
    Lectures and performances presented by the Kaplan Center for Languages and Cultures.
  • Dodson, Katrina (Speaker) (2018-04-04)
    Katrina Dodson is the translator from the Portuguese of The Complete Stories by Clarice Lispector.
  • Diallo, Rokhaya (Writer, Journalist, Film Director, and Activist); Soumahoro, Maboula (2016-11-06)
    Film screening and conversation on race and multiculturalism through a transatlantic lens with Maboula Soumahoro. Sunday November 6, 2016, 7pm, Tishman Lecture Hall.
  • Danison, Ned; Nussbaum-Barberena, Laura; Diallo, Rokhaya; Matsue, Jennifer Milioto (2016-09)
    Chinese; Spanish; Italian; French; Japanese; Chinese, French, Spanish. Sept. 12, Oct. 3, Oct. 24, Nov. 6, Nov. 21, Nov. 28, 2016.
  • Harris, Susan (Speaker); Simpson, Wade (Artist) (2016-03-07)
    Susan Harris, Executive Director of CAPA Symposium, 4:10pm-6:10pm
  • Foster, Catherine Osgood (1948-12-01)
  • Unknown author (1951)
    Number of students enrolled in language classes "excluding enrollments in foreign literature courses" between 1946-1951. Languages offered were French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Greek, and Latin.
  • Golffing, Francis C. (1948-11-24)
  • Unknown author (1953)
    "Six sections of Language and Literature will be conducted...These classes will be taught by Mrs. Foster and Messers. Belitt, Hyman, Kaplan, Wilcox, Nemerov, and Golffing. Mr. Fowlie will teach his Introduction to French ...
  • Cheuse, Alan; Gonzalez, Eduardo (1983-09-18)
    "Thousands of Chilean and foreign students have been arrested by the military junta which last week overthrew the Allende government. The governments of Argentina, Mexico, and Peru have let it be known to friends of the ...
  • Underwood, Benjamin '13; Beasley, Faith (Dartmouth); Paco, Diana di (Universidad de Murcia); Scott, Alex; Kennon, Heather; Smedley, Bryce (Visiting Faculty); Alfano, Barbara; Anastas, Ben; Coronel-Molina, Serafin; Baumann, Michael (Chef, Chanticleer Restaurant) (2016)
    Date, time and place of events : How to Conduct Independent Research Abroad: Lessons learned from developing clean energy projects in Nepal and China / Benjamin Underwood, MARCH 24, 2016 -- France and India in the ...
  • Mariani, Darcia (2016-02-29)
    In Medieval and Early Modern Europe, writing was considered almost biologically incompatible with the bodies of women. The only women who had available to them the peace and the time for study were either those who dedicated ...
  • Tran, Mai; Marks, Kagan; McPherson, Brendan; Njoya, Ornella; Pompetti, Lucia; Taneja, Prashansa; Melvin, Tommy; Harnett-Marshall, Patrick; Milligan, Michaela; Salcedo, Jocelyn; Martinez, Ivett; Dobson, Amy (2016-04-10)
    Students working in a range of fields including Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish will present their original research, community outreach, study abroad, and lives after Bennington. Date, time and place ...
  • Siniawer, Eiko Maruko (Williams College) (2015-09-24)
    Date, time and place of event : Thursday, September 24, 2015, 7-8pm, EAC 1. What do you tell the dead when you lose? How should you deal with a history of both wartime aggression and victimization? What should be at ...
  • Stanton, Domna (CUNY); Siniawer, Eiko Maruko (Williams College); Validivieso, Christina '16; Yeachin, Tsai; Harnett-Marshall, Patrick '16; Lombardi, Giancarlo (CUNY); Village School of North Bennington (2015)
    Date, time and place of events : September 10, 2015, 7:00 pm, CAPA Symposium, Professor Domna Stanton (CUNY) (French) Enslaved to Chocolate: Empire and Religion, Commerce, and Gender in Louis XIV’s France (Lecture) -- ...
  • Bowen, Edward; Tombini, Claudia (Photograph) (2015-05-14)
    Date, time and place of event : May 14, 2015, 7pm, East Academic Center 1. In Rome—Italy’s political and cinematic capital— there are currently 40 abandoned cinemas. City leaders and activists have seen different ...
  • Izumi, Katsuya (2015-03-26)
    Julie Otsuka’s When the Emperor Was Divine (2002) discusses the traumatic experiences of a Japanese American family who, along with more than 110,000 Japanese and Japanese Americans, was sent to internment camps during ...
  • Takakjian, Cara (2015-04-02)
    CARA TAKAKJIAN - Assistant Professor - Languages, Cultures and Linguistics, Bucknell University. In a discussion of contemporary Italian graphic novels, we will see how the comic medium—with its hybrid language and focus ...
  • Perez Villanueva, Sonia (2015-04-09)
    We will focus on the aesthetics of suffering, particularly on representations of gendered violence in Spain from the seventeenth century to contemporary times. We will analyze narrative forms— theatre, novels and ...

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