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  • Unknown author (1934-09-06)
    This document was sent to all freshman in September 1934 from the Educational Policies Committee. “Bennington College is more than a collection of individuals; it is a community in which students and faculty are engaged ...
  • Summers, Janet (1933-11-28)
    "After discussing the whole question of rules we felt that here we had the opportunity to try a more ideal system -one based on the theory that most of us had learned to govern ourselves and that those who hadn't could ...
  • Berry, Jane Ann; Starr, Lisa (Bennington College, 1955-09-22)
  • Berry, Jane (Bennington College, 1955-09-21)
    "A complaint about unruly men visitors on campus has been repeatedly handed to the committee.."
  • Carr, Louise (1932-11-15)
    President Leigh gave a brief explanation of Parliamentary forms. The chairman asked Mr. Leigh to explain the aims of the College. The Social Policies Committee presented for consideration a policy for community rules and ...
  • Sullivan, Grace Patricia (1935-04-10)
    Agenda: Expenditure study, Dance Symposium, Protest Against War
  • Pierce, Cornelia (1934-04-11)
    Statements were read by those who favored and opposed the "one o'clock rule" which stated that students who have dates on weeknights will return to their houses and leave their guests at one o'clock am.
  • Pierce, Cornelia (1934-04-18)
    President Leigh spoke informally on: 1. Responsible citizenship demanded by our Standards. 2. No automatic punishment for infraction of Rules or Standards. 3. Rules are made and enforced by the Community. 4. Reasons for ...
  • Carr, Louise (1933-04-19)
  • Unknown author (1933-12-20)
    The following announcements were made: 1 Donations for a Christmas fund for the employees is to be taken in each house 2 The Parent Teacher Association of North Bennington would appreciate all old clothes 3 People are ...
  • Anderson, Constance (1935-12-04)
    During the question period Mr. Leigh presided. The following questions concerning "What Is Wrong With Bennington" were presented and discussed by the meeting 1. Is there an increasing amount of divisionalism and general ...
  • Carr, Louise (1932-12-06)
    Four motions were passed: 1. To give up the meat course once a week thus saving $50. 00 a month to help unemployment. 2 . To omit smoking during the evening meetings until the question period. 3 . To show consideration ...
  • Carr, Louise (1933-02-23)
  • Anderson, Constance (1936-06-10)
    Voting on proposal from the Community Council that Bennington join the National Student Federation of America.
  • Sullivan, Grace Patricia (1935-06-12)
    Agenda items: amendments to The Organization of the Bennington Community, elections, report on visits to other colleges.
  • Pierce, Cornelia (1934-06-20)
    Mary Gregory read the revised plan for the "Organization of the Bennington College Community". Discussion followed. It was moved and seconded that this plan be adopted. Helen Gregory explained the new plan for election of ...
  • Carr, Louise (1933-06-21)
    The plan for next year's student election was read. The following announcements were made : 1 . No student may leave college before one o'clock on Wednesday, June 28, without special permission from Dr. Leigh. 2 . All ...
  • Carr, Louise (1933-06-26)
  • Sullivan, Grace Patricia (1935-06-26)
    Final reports read. New officers announced. New faculty members announced.



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