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  • Frankenthaler, Helen (Bennington College, 1947-04-10)
    Students Report on Winter Work at Community Meeting // Four Lectures on Myth Comprise Series // President Jones Resigns // Two Literature Workshops Added to Spring Curriculum // Social Behavior Commission // Faculty Spends ...
  • Sherwin, Mary Elizabeth (Bennington College, 1947-09-24)
    Twenty Colleges to be Represented at Inauguration Oct 4 // Sixty Students Now in Chorus // Burkhardt Discusses College Finances // Lectures in Carriage Barn or Theatre // Dance Department Plans Term // Commons Art Exhibition ...
  • Sherwin, Mary Elizabeth (Bennington College, 1947-10-08)
    This issue contains the Inaugural Address of Dr. Frederick Burkhardt, as well as various other articles describing related events.
  • Sherwin, Mary Elizabeth (Bennington College, 1947-10-22)
    New College is Started at Marlboro, Vermont // Silo Board Plans Next Edition // Programs Announced for Dance, Drama Workshop // The SDA at Bennington // Plans for Dance Weekend // Results of Store Survery // Alumnae Album ...
  • Sherwin, Mary Elizabeth (Bennington College, 1947-11-05)
    SDA Meeting Discusses Two Important Questions // Dance Weekend Held; Proves Big Success // Anais Nin Visits Bennington // Functions of Faculty Committees // Impressions on Bennington // Meet Jim Thompson // For and About Alumnae
  • Sherwin, Mary Elizabeth (Bennington College, 1947-11-19)
    Bennington College Presents Drama Workshop // Voting on USNSA Constitutions to Take Place in Near Future // Six New Faculty Houses // Winter Period Projects // Arts Party Planned // Student Study Abroad // Kenneth Lindsay ...
  • Sherwin, Mary Elizabeth (Bennington College, 1947-12-03)
    Beacon Presidential Poll Results // Eight Students Will Graduate in December // Faculty and Students Going Abroad This Winter // Early Graduation // Bennington Historical Museum and Art Gallery // Final Faculty Concert // ...
  • Sherwin, Mary Elizabeth (Bennington College, 1947-12-17)
    Inter-Racial Conference Held at Princeton // Winter Work Period Plans // Dance Workshop Presented to Enthusiastic Audience // Chorus Sings at Metropolitan Museum // Art-Literature Seminar: "Some Versions of Primitive" // ...
  • Frankenthaler, Helen (Bennington College, 1947-04-24)
    Commission Starts Work; Important Meeting Planned May 3 // Commission Government and Social Behavior Investigated // Students Urged to Cooperate Through Attendance // Bennington Students to Participate in Carnegie Hall ...
  • Frankenthaler, Helen (Bennington College, 1947-05-08)
    Commission Representatives Report to Community at Successful Meeting // Dissenters Speak // Commons Art Exhibit; Winter Period Work by Students // Position of Faculty // Moselsios to Show Movies Tonight; Filmed Abroad
  • Frankenthaler, Helen (Bennington College, 1947-05-22)
    Dr. Frederick Burkhardt to be New Bennington President // Coming Up; Faculty Houses to be Ready in Fall // Bennington Dancers Collaborate with Sarah Lawrence for YMHA Performance // AAUW Meets at Bennington // Hints from ...
  • Frankenthaler, Helen (Bennington College, 1947-06-05)
    Government Division Proposals are Discussed at Meeting // Alexandra Crawford Elected NSO Representative // Drama Department to Present French Farce June 30 // Senior Division Scare // Donations to Help Fight Jim Crow Laws ...
  • Frankenthaler, Helen (Bennington College, 1947-06-19)
    Faculty Changes Announced for Next Term // Community Government Reforms Decided Upon by Written Ballot // Literature Seminars // Foreign Exchange Students // The Palestine Question // Dance Workshop Review // Art Exhibits
  • Sherwin, Mary Elizabeth (Bennington College, 1947-07-03)
    Beacon Board Elects for the Coming Year // Bennington Drama Festival // SDA Meeting; The Palestine Problem // Dance Seminar // Senior Projects // Interesting Alumnae
  • Frankenthaler, Helen (Bennington College, 1947-07-10)
    "Special Graduation Edition" - 1947
  • Sherwin, Mary Elizabeth (Bennington College, 1947-09-10)
    Changes Made in Board of Co-operative Store // Robert D. Leigh Gives First of Lectures on Communications // Remarks on the So-Called "Educational Problem" // Bennington President to be Inaugurated Saturday Oct. 4th // ...
  • Lee, Cynthia (Bennington College, 1948-11-11)
    Community News/ Burkhardt Speaks at EducationalConference / Election Night / Students for Thomas / NSA Report / Undersubscribed Charity Drive / Successful Fire Drill / Non-Resident Term / Editorial / Attendance in General ...
  • Lee, Cynthia (Bennington College, 1948-04-15)
    Summer Dance Center to be Established // Stephen Spender Speaks on "Modern Poetry and Reality" // NSA Representatives Resign from International Union of Students // Ettore Rella, John C. Smith Join Bennington Faculty // ...
  • Lee, Cynthia (Bennington College, 1948-10-15)
    A Bennington-Eye View of Europe // Bennington Paintings in NSA Exhibit in Chicago // Faculty Concert // Alumnae Album
  • Lee, Cynthia (Bennington College, 1948-10-28)
    Antioch Work Period Differs from Bennington // Introducing New Faculty // Jamboree to be Held in Carriage Barn Election Night



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