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Marc Ozanich, Baritone (Program and Audio)

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dc.creator Ozanich, Marc - Baritone
dc.creator Daniels, Carey - Voice
dc.creator Finckel, Marianne - Piano
dc.creator Finckel, Michael - Cello
dc.creator Koppell, Olivia - Conductor
dc.creator Totah, Sibyl - Harpsichord
dc.creator Atwood, William - Violin
dc.creator Bergmarck, David - Violin
dc.creator Bidlack, Gillian - Violin
dc.creator Gussow, Olga - Violin
dc.creator Harkness, Joan - Violin
dc.creator Savage, Sylvia - Violin
dc.creator Tavelli, Gina - Violin
dc.creator Tavelli, Louis - Viola
dc.creator Webber, Alice - Viola
dc.creator Bostelmann, Pamela - Cello
dc.creator Finckel, George - Cello
dc.creator Kemper, Robert - Cello
dc.creator Liebenberg, Jean - Cello
dc.creator Nowak, Robert - Cello
dc.creator Schneider, Janis - Cello
dc.creator Crocker, Cornelia - Bass
dc.creator Forbes, Diana - Flute
dc.creator Phyllis, Susan - Flute
dc.creator Powers, Susan - Flute
dc.creator Benjamin, Tom - Clarinet
dc.creator Gilman, George - Clarinet
dc.creator Fincke, Kabe - Oboe
dc.creator Fincke, Maggie - Bassoon
dc.creator Wallace, Constance - Bassoon
dc.creator Juris, Barry - Trumpet
dc.creator Sanford, Mei-Mei - Trumpet
dc.creator Donati, Gianni - French Horn
dc.creator Schonbeck, Karen - French Horn
dc.creator Bidlack, Gerry - Tuba
dc.creator Rowland, Taylor - Tuba
dc.creator Gilman, George - Percussion 2014-02-12T18:30:20Z 2014-02-12T18:30:20Z 1966-06-13
dc.title Marc Ozanich, Baritone (Program and Audio) en_US

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