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The Hughes-Hagen Concert (Program and Audio)

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dc.creator Hughes, Alexandra - Voice
dc.creator Golub, Peter - Piano
dc.creator Phillips, Liz - Electronics
dc.creator Wiseman, Roy - Conductor
dc.creator Hersey, Baird - Conductor
dc.creator Kahn, Yasmin Aga - Voice
dc.creator Sachs, Leonard - Viola
dc.creator Stark, Robin - Viola
dc.creator Alcock, Gael - Cello
dc.creator Cahn, Frederick - Cello
dc.creator Richmond, Neal - Cello
dc.creator Richter, Roxanne - Cello
dc.creator Lewis, Michael - Bass
dc.creator Hagen, John - Bassoon
dc.creator Nielsen, Erik - Trombone
dc.creator Herbst, Edward - Trombone
dc.creator Garalnick, Tom - Tenor Saxophone
dc.creator Lattimore, Maria - French Horn
dc.creator Harris, Richard - French Horn
dc.creator Rodgers, Prentice - Bass Clarinet
dc.creator Ludwig, Doug - Bass Clarinet
dc.creator Bushnell, Michael - Piano
dc.creator Moss, David - Percussion
dc.creator Dash, Eric - Percussion
dc.creator de Moll, Cathy - Percussion
dc.creator Markowitz, Mitchell - Violin
dc.creator Magenau, Kunda - Violin
dc.creator Morse, Deborah - Violin
dc.creator Stone, Nancy - Violin
dc.creator Reich, Susan - Bass
dc.creator Runyon, Polly - Flute
dc.creator Dorsey, Lisa - Piano
dc.creator Levitan, Daniel - Percussion
dc.creator Hersey, Baird - Guitar
dc.creator Hagen, John - Tenor Saxophone
dc.creator Dorsey, Lisa - Harpsichord 2014-02-11T20:11:47Z 2014-02-11T20:11:47Z 1973-05-30
dc.title The Hughes-Hagen Concert (Program and Audio) en_US
dc.type Recording, musical

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