Bennington College Archive: Recent submissions

  • Unknown author (2018-09)
  • Unknown author (Bennington College, 1983)
    No date on photos, 1983 date is approximate
  • Bennington College (1994-03-03)
    Mar. 4-13, 1994. Vol. 124, No. 1.
  • Pleshkoff, Nika (Bennington College, 1941-11)
  • Pleshkoff, Nika (Bennington College, 1941)
  • Pleshkoff, Nika (Bennington College, 1941-11)
  • Unknown author (Bennington College, 1941)
  • Pleshkoff, Nika (Bennington College, 1941-11-28)
  • Pleshkoff, Nika (Bennington College, 1941-11-13)
  • Pleshkoff, Nika (Bennington College, 1941-11-07)
  • Unknown author (Bennington College, 1941-11-07)
  • Pleshkoff, Nika (Bennington College, 1941-11-07)
  • Wooster, Mildred E.; Mank, Miles B. (Bennington College, 1941-11-01)
  • Roche, Isabel, Provost and Dean of the College (2019-05-09)
    The coming year will be a year of transitions, and these transitions will provide opportunities. In the Provost and Dean’s office, we will build on our commitments to evolving and strengthening  our structures of shared ...
  • Kornberg, Alan '74, Chair of the Board of Trustees (2019-04-20)
    As Mariko Silver shared moments ago, she has been selected to become the next President and  CEO of the Henry Luce Foundation. Accordingly, she will step down as President of Bennington   College effective July 1, 2019.  
  • Office of the President; Silver, Mariko, President; Roche, Isabel, Dean (2019-05-14)
    Planning for the Barn’s next chapter will begin over the summer and we would like your input regarding the future of this important space. The heroic efforts of firefighters and first responders — including some from our ...
  • Office of Communications (2019-05-10)
    Many thanks to all for their flexibility and patience over the last two weeks—and special thanks to staff in Buildings and Grounds and Campus Safety, who have been so expertly and humanely managing the complex aftermath ...
  • Office of Communications (2019-05-07)
    The most recent updates as of May 7, 2019.
  • Bennington College - Board of Trustees; Kronberg, Alan '74, Chair; Stephens, Nick '77, Vice-Chair; Deane, Bobby '51, Vice-Chair (2019-05-06)
    "We want to thank the entire community for its extraordinary responsiveness last week and to send our heartfelt thoughts to everyone, particularly those faculty whose offices and work were lost or damaged."
  • Office of the Provost and Dean; Roche, Isabel (2019-05-02)
    Below is the final end-of-day update for the week. Thank you again to all who have shown such flexibility and resilience in the aftermath of the fire in the Barn.



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