1934 Evening Meetings, February - December

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Bennington College
Evening Meetings, Evening Lectures, APC, FEPC, Folkdancing, Gadd, May, Come of Age, The Seeing Eye, Mexico, Bermuda, High Voltage Electricity, Compton, K. T., Frank, Morris, Van Doren, Carl, Communism or Fascism, Dennis, Lawrence, Manhattan String Quartet, 4 Original 1 act plays, Curry, W. B., Dartington Hall, Remer, Carl F., Bell, Bernard I., Pach, Walter, Hamilton, Dr. A., Yale Glee Club, Bennington Chorus, Morize, Andre, The Ladies Have Their Way, Theatre Guild, International Economic Situation in the Far East, Realism, the Art of the European Race, Women in Nazi Germany, Jules Romains, an author and a School, Herring, Hubert, Glenn, C. Leslie, Costa, J. L., Manufacture of Rayon, Character Sketches, Howe, Helen, Neebson, Miss, Aue, Miss, Pttaway, Les Deux Timides, The Modern Dance, Martin, John, Puppet Show, Mead, Margaret, Temperament and Culture in the South Seas, Riefstahl, R. M., Some Aspects of Chinese Painting, Hirsh, Albert, Tweedy, Dr. H. H., The Adding Machine, Bingham, Alfred, Economic Fairy Tales, Fisher, Dorothy C., Interviewing Literary People, MacLeish, Archibald, Poetry Reading, Wilson, Edmund, Michelet, Jules, DeGray, Julian, Recital, Hill, Martha, Rossmann, Ursula, DeGray, Mr., Lewisohn, Ludwig, Playreading, The Creative Life, Peattie, Roderick, The Cultural Value of Geography, Wile, Ira S., The Passing of Some Social Illusions, The World Adrift, The Yellow Jack, Buell, Raymond L., Colum, Padriac, Perrine, J. O., Television, Lecture Demonstration, Sheed, Mrs. F. J., Don Cossacks Russian Male Chorus, Newcomb, Theodore, Dewey, John, Enters, Angna, Johnson, Alvin, Soule, George, DeGray, Julian, Davis, Elmer, Fletcher, Walter D., Psychology, Mental Hygiene and Freedom, Liberalism, Its Philosophical and Historical Background, Economic Liberalism, American Point of View, Hotel Universe, Conservative Angle of the Elections, Major Barbara, Hutton, Mr. Goodall, Whicher, Prof. George, Wallace, Prof. Schuyler, Workshop Production, McCamy, James L., Luening, Ethel, Luening, Otto, Gray, C. H., Zimbalist, Efrem, Community Meeting, Hamlin, Talbot, Sandburg, Carl, Mumford, Lewis, The Socialist Attitude Towards the National Election, Horace, The Coming Elections from the Point of View of the Roosevelt Administration and the New Deal, Macbeth, Midsummer Night's Dream, Much Ado About Nothing, What the Recent Elections Meant, Reading of Genevieve Taggard's Poetry, Greek Revival Architecture, Relation of Art in Its Broadest Sense to Present Day Society in America, Strong, Mr. H. T., Bennington College Dance Group, Ernst, Mr. Morris, Soupault, M. Philippe, Cowell, Mr. Henry, Stewart, Dr. Constance, Williams-Bennington Joint Chorus, Revelations in the Realm of Color, Le Mariage de Monsieur Le Trouhadec, Freedom of Speech and Literary Censorship, Quinze Ans d'Experience Litteraires, New Musical Resources