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dc.description 3 pages en_US
dc.description Information on Curtis M. Flory (1913-1993) and Mary D. Flory found on -- viewed 2/14/19. Connection to the College is unknown.
dc.description.abstract November 10 & 17, 1953. Vol. 25, No. 10 & 11. en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.subject Schedule of Meetings en_US
dc.subject Schedule of Events en_US
dc.subject Zilzer, George G '54 "Recital" en_US
dc.subject Finckel, George. "Recital" en_US
dc.subject Drama Workshop (1953) "The Files" en_US
dc.subject Panel Discussion on Kinsey's "Sexual Behavior of the Human Female" en_US
dc.subject Burkhardt, Frederick, 1912-2007 (Moderator) "Panel on Kinsey" en_US
dc.subject Flory, Curtis M. (Panelist) "Panel on Kinsey" en_US
dc.subject Flory, Mary D. (Panelist) "Panel on Kinsey" en_US
dc.subject Adelson, Josef (Panelist) "Panel on Kinsey" en_US
dc.subject Smith, John (Faculty, Social Science, 1948-58) Panelist "Panel on Kinsey" en_US
dc.subject Literature Workshop (1953) "Doctor Faustus" en_US
dc.subject League of Women Voters "Political Meeting" en_US
dc.subject Folk Literature and Folklore Class (Concert) en_US
dc.subject Social Science Workshop (1953) en_US
dc.subject Burke, Kenneth, 1897-1993 (Faculty, Lit & Lang, 1943-1962) "Jeremy Bentham" en_US
dc.subject Informal Faculty Concert (1953)
dc.subject Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750 (Composer) "Benedictus Aria from the B Minor Mass"
dc.subject Schütz, Heinrich, 1585-1672 (Composer) "Two Spiritual Concerts"
dc.subject Chabay, Leslie (Performer) "Two Spiritual Concerts"
dc.subject Pollikoff, Max (Performer) "Two Spiritual Concerts"
dc.subject Finckel, George (Performer) "Two Spiritual Concerts"
dc.subject Frank, Claude (Performer) "Two Spiritual Concerts"
dc.subject Elwell, Herbert, 1898-1974 (Composer) "Sonata"
dc.subject Nowak, Lionel (Performer "Sonata"
dc.subject Fauré, Gabriel, 1845-1924 (Composer) "Quartets, C Minor"
dc.subject Pollikoff, Max (Performer) "Quartets, C Minor"
dc.subject Sherrand, Edward (Performer) "Quartets, C Minor"
dc.subject Finckel, George (Performer) "Quartets, C Minor"
dc.subject Hokanson, Leonard (Performer) "Quartets, C Minor"
dc.subject Hunter, Samuel (New York Times Critic) "Toulouse-Lautrec"
dc.subject Faison, Lane (Williams College Professor) "Toulouse-Lautrec"
dc.title College Week en_US
dc.type Other en_US

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