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    Night Music (Program and Audio)
    (1988) Qamar, Nadi
    Night Music by Nadi Qamar. 1. Night Music 2. Kuna Rhythms (kuna drum solo) 3. Flight 4. Ibadan Impressions 5. Table Talk 6. Far from Dube-Dube (mamalikembi solo) 7. Haitian Sketches 8. Madagascar Talviha River Music (talviha solo) 9. Hymn (likembi duo - Nadi Qamar and Lo-Bamijoko, musician & educator.) "This music reflects the essence of my physical and spiritual life experiences from first awareness to the present. Having observed and meditated upon many parallels of phenomena, I am convinced that extempore musical performance is a well- spring of analogies to creation and perpetuation of harmonious human relations. Musical sound is an oracle, infallible by virtue of its existence. Tonal structures don't debate whether they should or shouldn't co-exist. They simply imbue the atmosphere, meld into others, then fade into silence."
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    Black Music Division Concert (Audio)
    Black Music Division concert at Bennington College on May 14, 1983. L.D. remarks; Softly as a Morning Sunrise; 8 Bars; Last Gasp; Bill Dixon remarks; Pentheselia; Second Son
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    A Trio Fare Plus (Audio)
    (1981-06-09) Shepler, John - Percussion; Zoernig, Kevin; Rosen, Noah; Haynes, Steven - Trumpet; Provey, Vance; Greene, Julie - Trumpet
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    Black Music Concert: A Student Trio (Audio)
    (1980-12-04) Shepler, John - Percussion; Zoernig, Kevin; Rosen, Noah
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    David Moss (Audio)
    (1979-07-19) Moss, David - Percussion