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  • Unknown author (2006)
    Elements are: 1. Collaboration, in this context, is the ability to work together in a group towards a common goal to make something more effective. 2. Research, in this context, involves the formulation of a question that ...
  • Tenny, Elissa (2007-09)
    My research questions began with exploring how curricular breadth and depth is understood by both students and faculty. From there, I explored how curricular breadth and depth is implemented in a Bennington education. ...
  • Unknown author (2009-03)
    Design Labs were first introduced into the Bennington College curriculum in Fall 2007, following discussions with faculty and administrators during Field Work Term of that same year and earlier small group discussions ...
  • Unknown author (2013)
    This document, created by Bennington College faculty, drafts a framework to support Plan development, with emphasis on defining a range of fundamental expectations that will allow students to realize these complementary aims. ...



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