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  • Bruch, Robin; Lawton, Linda; Bro, Erika; Weis, Cathy; Holzman, Alan; Skinner, Beth; Dewey, Kippy; Gershman, Judy; Crain, Pat; Girard, Kathy; Nowak, Allison; Swinnerton, Gail; Goodman, Jill; Mitchell, Becky; Smith, Kathy; Tice, Janet; Welch, Polly (1969-05-05)
    We will be considering: 1.) Changes in curricular structure 2.) Mid-term comments--their uses and effectiveness 3.) Grades 4.) Possibilities of SEPC [Student Educational Policies Committee] recommending legislation 5.) ...
  • Wilson, Judith (Bennington College, 1972-12-07)
    "This course has demonstrated the problems of having a 'token' black course at this college."