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  • Beckett, Samuel; Brown, Alex, photographer (1974-03)
    Photographs of Bennington College's March 1974 production of Act Without Words. Cast: Rock Townsend
  • Samuels, Steve; Brown, Alex, photographer (1971-05-14)
    Commons Theater. Photographs includes images of students: Clarke Jordan, Louie DeSalle, Margery Burt, Rock Townsend, Elissa Joe Bracy, Elissa Racquel Weitz, Karen Colvard, Stan Smith, and Steve Keffer. Photographs by Alex ...
  • Rees, Sue, photographer (2011-11-12)
  • Dimmick, Kathleen, director; Rees, Sue, set designer; Marsh, Webster, lighting designer (2009-11-20)
    Cast: Amelia Meath, Santino Torretti, Maile Zax, Ben Mankoff, Mimi Bain, Ezra Lowrey, Sam Mayer Ashley Connell, Olli Johnson, Josh Gullota, Aleda Bliss, David Black, and Brittany Olinkiewicz. Program: http://hdl.handle.n ...
  • Ging, Alexander, photographer; Kirk, Jackson, codirector; Rohn, Jennifer, codirector (2016-10-09)
    Cast members: Kirk Jackson, Jennifer Rohn, Cat Adragna '18, Emma Welch ’17, Jade Pope ’17, Jessie Berliner ’17, Julia Crowley ’18, Morgan Morse ’18, Rebecca Mitzner ’20, Sam Levit ’18, Sarah Jack ’17, Trevor Gibbons-Reich ...
  • Ead, Keegan, photographer; Randich, Jean, director (2014-04-25)
  • Barber, Jonathan, photographer (Bennington College, 1992)
    (left to right) Sibyl Kempson '95, Eric Peterson (Artistic Director of Oldcastle Theatre Company), Derek Campbell, Jason Kingsley '96.
  • Unknown author (Bennington College, 1935-06-10)
    Information on back of images: Drama 1930's
  • Brown, Alex, photographer (1972)
    Photographs from the Bennington College 1972 production of The Birthday Party.
  • Brown, Alex, photographer; Schonbeck, Gunnar; Lee, Ralph; Logan, Leroy (1976-05-20)
    Photographs of a multi-media collaboration, dedicated to Francis Fergusson "In appreciation for helping us to understand the humanity of the art of imitation action." Gunnar Schonbeck's composition, Black and Red Inquisition, ...
  • Unknown author (Bennington College, 1949-06)
    Program for production:
  • Brooke, Nicholas, composer and codirector; Rohn, Jennifer, codirector; Rees, Sue, set designer; Giannitti, Michael, lighting designer; Tredway, Kaitee, costume designer (2010-05-11)
    Performers: Danny Brylow, Jo-Anne Hyun, Maia Friedman, Eliza McKelway, Allie Polubiec, Tim Taft, and Ethan Woods. Program:
  • Burn This 
    ; Wilson, Lanford (Bennington College, 1989-05)
  • Unknown author (Bennington College, 1994-04-28)
    Production Program
  • Brown, Alex, photographer (1974-05)
    Photographs of the Bennington College May 1974 production of Casserole: An Illusion. Written by Nancy Fales. Directed by Ralph Lee. Music by Peter Golub. Costume design by Susana Juni. Cast: Casserole - Alison Gobbeo; Pig ...
  • Unknown author (Bennington College, 1989-11)
    Jonathan Sherman '90 and Tim Halpern '90 (4th & 5th from left). Jenni Person '90 & James Kitt '91 (2nd & 3rd from right standing)
  • Arkin, Alan (Bennington College, 2011-11-10)
  • Unknown author (1988-05)
  • Unknown author (1999)



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