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Student Educational Policies Committee (SEPC)

Student Educational Policies Committee (SEPC)


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Recent Submissions

  • Parnes, Sharon (1969-05-14)
    Arguments in favor of the three course norm
  • Unknown author (1969-05-07)
    Open meeting for students only to propose a unified group of perceptions, suggestions, etc. to improve the community especially in terms of academic issues.
  • Bruch, Robin; Lawton, Linda; Bro, Erika; Weis, Cathy; Holzman, Alan; Skinner, Beth; Dewey, Kippy; Gershman, Judy; Crain, Pat; Girard, Kathy; Nowak, Allison; Swinnerton, Gail; Goodman, Jill; Mitchell, Becky; Smith, Kathy; Tice, Janet; Welch, Polly (1969-05-05)
    We will be considering: 1.) Changes in curricular structure 2.) Mid-term comments--their uses and effectiveness 3.) Grades 4.) Possibilities of SEPC [Student Educational Policies Committee] recommending legislation 5.) ...
  • Unknown author (1969-06)
  • Educational Policies Committee (1969-03-18)
    "The Faculty and Student EPCs met last night to discuss arrangements for eliciting views of the community on the President's memorandum of March 3, 1969. In the hope of making significant deliberation possible for all ...
  • Bloustein, Edward J. (1969-04-16)
    "Thus, we are presently launched on a discussion of fundamental educational changes at this College. Most of us have the :feeling that such changes are long overdue, even though we disagree about what they should be. ...
  • Meyers, Libby (1969-04-10)
    "Let us, therefore, stop complaining about our financial situation, stop complaining about our educational problems and find some direction to which we can consciously agree and through which we can consciously experiment ...
  • Tate, Lisa; Williams, Roger (Bennington College, 1969-11-25)
  • Hyman, Laurence J; Holabird '69, Katharine; Graham, Christine (Bennington College, 1970-01)
    Articles: A Question of Procedural Integrity- by Edward J. Bloustein / Bennington Capital Funds Program Reaches Regional Level / Letters To The Editor / In Memoriam: Katrina Hadley / Faculty Notes / Three Bennington Artists ...
  • McGuirk, Carole; Paul, Janie (1968-06-12)
    "We agree with Mary Crowe that parietals should not be the to spark a movement to increase liberalism in this college, i.e., however, that all of judicial has completely misinterpreted the original statement."
  • Drucker, Peter F, 1909-2005 (1943-04-13)
    "Enclosed please find the results of the New York Times test in American history as given to my political economy classes. Because of time limits the first section of the course (freshmen and sophomores) only answered ...
  • Unknown author (1967-12-05)
    I plead with the community at hand, if education is to be administered, if it is to thrive - in President Bloustein's full sense of the word - the Literaure Faculty as well as those on E.P.C. must consider offering a ...
  • Enlund, Elizabeth; Smith, Adele (1967-10-05)
    "The recent galley entitled "A Form for Student Action" is ignorant of the powers invested in the Student Educational Policy Committee. Evaluation of individual courses is not EPC's sole responsibility. EPC is the ...
  • Orloff, Natalie (1967-10-01)
    "Based on the premise that only certain kinds of information was discussed during orientation , I think it important that new students now be acquainted with the following issue -- and certain events which occurred last ...
  • Unknown author (1965-05)
    Note: The end of the original document is not legible. "Last Tuesday evening a student meeting was held in Commons Lounge. About 85 students, some 1/4 of us, attended. What follows is a skimmed version of the discussion; ...
  • Kimball, Roger (Bennington College, 1974-11-13)
    It was stressed that certain divisions, Black Music or Photography for instance, would not be able to survive as a division were there cuts to be made from their faculty...SEPC drafted a petition against cutting any faculty ...
  • Rogers, Amelia (Bennington College, 1974-11-29)
    We voted a new division last Spring [1974], the Black Music Division..
  • Hadary, Susan (1965-03-31)
    "Recently a good deal of faculty sponsored activity has led to the discussion and evaluation of what are considered to be the problems at Bennington, consisting of, among other things, the dining room crisis and social ...
  • Wilson, Judith (Bennington College, 1972-12-07)
    "This course has demonstrated the problems of having a 'token' black course at this college."

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