Recent Submissions

  • Bond, David; Bessire, Lucas (American Anthropological Association, Society for Cultural Anthropology, 2014-02-28)
    In the second Commentary essay, Lucas Bessire and David Bond respond to the Theorizing the Contemporary series, “The Politics of Ontology,” edited by Martin Holbraad and Morten Axel Pedersen.
  • Bond, David; Bessire, Lucas (Wiley, 2014-09-25)
    Ontology is hard to ignore in contemporary anthropology. From conference abstracts to journal word clouds and job descriptions, ontology is fast becoming a new keyword in marquee debates as well as in the unfolding ...
  • Bond, David (Wiley, 2013)
    A review of the book Crude Domination: An Anthropology of Oil. Andrea Behrends, Stephen Reyna, and Günther Schlee, eds. New York: Berghahn Books, 2013. 325 pp.
  • Bond, David (Anthropology Now, 2013-12)
    A review of the documentary film Dirty Energy—The Deepwater Horizon Disaster: First-Hand Stories from the Louisiana Bayou. 2013. A film by Bryan Hopkins. 94 mins. Distributed by Cinema Libre Studio.
  • Bond, David (Taylor & Francis, Ltd., 2011-04)
  • Bond, David; Stoler, Ann Laura (Duke University Press, 2006)
    The conditions of possibility for what U.S empire looks like today may be deeply embedded in the blunt and elusive nature of a broader range of historical imperial formations.
  • Bond, David (American Anthropological Association, Society for Cultural Anthropology, 2013)
    This article presents an embedded analysis of how scientists and federal officials scrambled to get a handle on the deepwater blowout in the Gulf of Mexico. Taking the environment as a compelling ethnographic question, it ...
  • Bond, David; Bessire, Lucas (Wiley, 2014-08)
    What does ontological anthropology promise, what does it presume, and how does it contribute to the formatting of life in our present? Drawing from our respective fieldwork on how Indigenous alterity is coenvisioned ...
  • Bond, David (Anthropology Now, 2015-04)
    Whether ultimately approved or not, the Keystone XL Pipeline offers a telling window into the contemporary politics of fossil fuels in North America. Although oil pipelines have been around for a century, they have ...